Strabismus Surgery

About Strabismus Surgery

Cole Eye Institute considers the outcome of surgery for strabismus in adults to be good if there is: (1) disappearance of diplopia and/or anomalous head position in primary position of gaze or (2) in the absence of diplopia or anomalous head position, a constant deviation of < 10 prism diopters (D). In children, a good outcome is defined as: (1) a constant deviation of < 10 prism D in primary position or (2) the disappearance of anomalous head position for those in whom the surgery was done for that purpose, such as patients with a 4th nerve palsy, Brown syndrome, or Duane syndrome. The results shown reflect reviews of follow-up visits during each calendar year. Hence, follow-up data for some patients are not included here, nor are long-term outcomes.

Between January and December 2018, 310 strabismus procedures were performed by 5 surgeons; 196 procedures were performed on children and 114 on adults (defined as age 16 years or older).