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Recent Developments

In an effort to maintain the highest degree of patient care and satisfaction, Cleveland Clinic STAR Imaging is constantly improving it's world-class facilities.

South West Ohio Location

Dayton Area, Ohio

Cleveland Clinic Star Imaging is pleased to announce that Far Hills Open MRI is now owned and operated as Cleveland Clinic Star Imaging.  The Imaging center is located in the Lamplighter Square Shopping Center in the suburb of Centerville, just outside of Dayton, Ohio.  Patients can now receive the world class care for which the Cleveland Clinic is recognized.  Patients will now have their MRI exams interpreted by Cleveland Clinic Physicians without having to travel far from home.  Physicians and their patients in the Dayton area will now be able receive MRI interpretations from board-certified, subspecialty trained Cleveland Clinic radiologists.  If you are a patient, please visit our Patients page.  If you are an ordering physician, please visit our Referring Physicians page.  To find out more about directions, hours of operation, and ordering information, please visit our Locations page.  So tell your physician that you want to have your exam done at Cleveland Clinic Star Imaging today and experience the care that you deserve!