Cleveland Clinic is now offering a personalized video interpretation of your ankle, foot, hip, knee or shoulder MRI.

Within hours of your MRI your video report will be delivered to you by email and includes:

  • An explanation of MRI and the information it provides your physicians
  • Video materials to learn about normal anatomy and how it appears on MRI
  • A detailed video explanation of your MRI findings
  • A demonstration of how the structures of your body look compared to a normal MRI

The video playlist will help you understand your MRI results and better prepare you for your visit with your physician.

This service is currently available at the Cleveland Clinic Sports Health Center and is not currently covered by insurance.

If you are having an MRI of your ankle, foot, hip, knee or shoulder and want to learn more about receiving a video from Cleveland Clinic Imaging that explains your MRI please ask our staff upon check-in.