Cleveland Clinic was 4th in the world (2nd in the United States) to start a mobile stroke unit for pre-hospital stroke treatment. Since 2014, the Cleveland Clinic Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit (MSTU) has provided pre-hospital thrombolysis for acute ischemic stroke.

The Cleveland Pre-Hospital Acute Stroke Treatment (PHAST) study group is part of the international mobile stroke unit collaboration—Pre-Hospital Stroke Treatment Organization (PRESTO). The research group has been studying the time efficiency, patient outcomes, and health economics of this novel mode of stroke treatment.

Contact Person

Ken Uchino, MD



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Members & Collaborations

Members & Collaborations

Cleveland Clinic

External Relationships and Collaborations

  • Jon Schrock, MD
    Department of Emergency Medicine, MetroHealth; Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Case Western Reserve University
  • Farren Briggs, PhD
    Assistant Professor, Department of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences, Case Western Reserve University