Aging-associated neurodegenerative diseases are an increasing public health issue due to the aging demographics of the United States and many other countries. For example, it is estimated that, by 2020, the number of Parkinson’s disease cases will double in the United States, and more than double in the other most populous countries in the world (i.e., China, India, Indonesia, and Brazil). To date, treatments for diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease are modest in effect, and, currently, no treatments delay the onset or slow the progression.

The overall purpose of this biorepository is to improve the speed of research on aging-associated diseases by developing a bank of biospecimens from well-characterized participants. The biorepository will allow investigators to have rapid access to frequently needed biospecimens for their studies. Rather than recruiting new subjects and collecting biospecimens for each study, the biorepository will allow investigators to quickly proceed with their studies.

Contact Information:

James Leverenz, MD

Lynn Bekris, PhD