The Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Cleveland conducts clinical trials to advance new treatments for symptom management and disease modification in patients with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and mild cognitive impairment. The center’s clinical trial program has conducted more than 20 studies and enrolled more than 200 participants. The center has been involved in multiple clinical trials including:

  1. Neuronix
  2. Starbeam (MC)
  3. Starbeam (LW)
  4. Starbeam Ext
  5. Headway
  6. Headway Ext
  7. Grifols
  8. RVT-102 VH
  9. RVT-102 RBH
  10. RVT-102 OLE
  11. Rasagiline (MC)
  12. Rasagiline (LW)
  13. EARLY
  14. TRIAD
  15. Tango
  16. Mission (MC)
  17. Mission (LW)
  18. Engage
  19. SUVN-502
  20. Delphia*
  21. BAN2401*
  22. EIP19-NFD-501*
  23. Donepezil*
  24. Discover*
  25. Graduate*

*Currently Recruiting

Contact Information:

Babak Tousi, MD

Kasia Rothenberg, MD

Stephen Rao, PhD

James Leverenz, MD



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Members & Collaborations

Members & Collaborations

Cleveland Clinic

  • Babak Tousi, MD
    Neuronix, Starbeam (LW), Starbeam Ext, Headway, Headway Ext, Grifols, RVT-102 VH, RVT-102 RBH, RVT-102 OLE, Rasagiline (LW), EARLY, TRIAD, Tango, Mission (MC), Mission (LW), Engage, Graduate, Delphia, BAN2401, EIP19-NFD-501
  • Kasia Rothenberg, MD
  • James Leverenz, MD
    Starbeam (MC), Rasagiline (MC), Discover
  • Stephen Rao, PhD