Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation Hospital is committed to the provision of comprehensive physical medicine and rehabilitation programs and services to maximize the health, function, and quality of life to those we serve, ultimately returning those persons to their communities.


To serve our communities as the premiere provider of rehabilitation, resulting in the highest level of independence for our patients.


  • We deliver superior quality care in all that we do
  • We treat others as they would like to be treated
  • We are results oriented and achieve our objectives
  • We are team players
  • We are resourceful in overcoming obstacles
  • We treat others as they would like to be treated

Cleveland Clinic is recognized in the U.S. and throughout the world for its expertise and care. In partnership with Cleveland Clinic's Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, an integrated academic practice model, we are linked with Cleveland Clinic’s main campus, eight acute care hospitals, over 50 outpatient therapy venues, and skilled nursing facilities.

Cleveland Clinic's Center for Connected Care also offers continued rehabilitation options in Home Care. Patients benefit from innovative rehabilitation strategies provided by a unified academic faculty, with access to the full range of specialty consultants, sophisticated laboratory and imaging resources, and Cleveland Clinic treatment protocols and carepaths.

Community Health

Learn how the Cleveland Clinic and Select Medical joint venture serves the community, including program information and statistics.

What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

Learn, Restore, Recover

  • Learn how to maximize your function and take control of your medical needs.
  • Restore good health, confidence and hope.
  • Recover your roles in life; family, friends, work and play.

Nearly half of patients discharged from the acute care hospital have ongoing medical and physical problems that require close attention and treatment. Patients and families are told that “rehabilitation” is needed.

  • Exercise and muscle strengthening activities do not define the rehabilitation process; it is defined by education.
  • The rehabilitation team members add value by teaching; they are not exercise trainers or cheerleaders.
  • The team instructs the patient and the family in the best ways to regain good physical and emotional health, resume mobility, and optimize self-care abilities.

How is Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation Hospital different?

Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation Hospital is licensed as a hospital. It is an Acute Rehabilitation center, not a skilled nursing facility or long term acute care facility. Acute rehabilitation facilities trace their beginnings to World War II. Since that time, acute rehab centers have been the discharge destination of choice for persons with disabling conditions due to trauma or illness. Hundreds of thousands of patients with stroke, spinal cord injury, brain trauma, amputation and other conditions have begun their journey back to an active life in these settings.

Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation Hospital:

  • Delivers the highest intensity rehabilitation services allowed by insurance and third-party payors.
  • Continues a high level of physician services – doctors who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation visit the patients 4-7 days a week to closely monitor medical problems that have not been resolved.
  • According to a 2014 MedPac Report to the Congress: Medicare and the Health Care Delivery System Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities return patients home faster than other types of post-acute programs.
  • Provides integration with the Cleveland Clinic health system with Cleveland Clinic doctors on site, electronic medical records, and Cleveland Clinic laboratory and x-ray services.
  • Offers programs built upon the Cleveland Clinic biopsychosocial model of treatment, with attention to
    • Medical conditions
    • Psychological and cognitive conditions
    • Problems with physical function
    • Issues related to the patient’s environment, their home, their care partners, their financial resources, and their social supports
  • Has been recognized as one of the Best Physical Rehabilitation Centers in Ohio by Newsweek Magazine – chosen based on a rigorous methodology that includes data from a survey of thousands of medical experts and KPIs based on the U.S. Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Which patients qualify for treatment in a Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation Hospital?

Acute rehabilitation patients typically:

  • Have important, ongoing medical problems that require continued hospitalization and close physician supervision.
  • Have new disabilities that restrict their ability to move and take care of themselves.
  • Should be able to actively participate in treatment, to tolerate and benefit from at least three hours of physical, occupational and speech therapy a day.

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Rehabilitation Hospitals

Leadership & Staff

Leadership & Staff


  • Chairman, Cleveland Clinic Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Francois Bethoux, MD

Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation Hospital, Avon

  • Medical Director: Sam Ghaffari, DO
  • Chief Executive Officer: Erica Druin

Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation Hospital, Beachwood

Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation Hospital, Edwin Shaw

  • Medical Director: Anthony Hayek, DO


Education is an important part of each rehabilitation program. Exercises and individualized strategies to improve function will be fully explained and may be continued after patients return home.

Residency Program

Residency Program

In 2016 Cleveland Clinic celebrates a milestone year, as the first class of residents in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation are welcomed to the department and join the other 1,500 residents across our hospitals. The residency program offers a three-year accredited residency for two residents.