Quality & Accreditation

Quality & Accreditation

Quality care at Medina Hospital

Cleveland Clinic believes in providing quality of care information to patients and the public. As a non-profit hospital and responsible member of the community, you should know how we are performing.

Cleveland Clinic’s commitment to “transparency” includes providing the most current quality data available, and that is what this Quality Performance Report will show you. On an ongoing basis, the Report will be updated as new data becomes available.

The Quality Performance Report shows how Medina Hospital has been doing at providing the right care for specific common conditions. Information about surgery and how patients view their experiences at Medina Hospital is also included. Click below for data and details:

Keep in mind that you should not choose a hospital based solely on data in reports like this one.
You can find out more about the quality of a hospital’s care by doing the following:

  • Ask your doctor if the hospital treats a lot of people who have your health problem.
  • Ask if the hospital has a special team of health professionals who work with people with your health problem.
  • Ask your doctor what he or she thinks about the quality of the hospital’s care.
  • Ask the hospital what steps are taken to improve the quality of the care it provides patients.


Medina Hospital currently holds the following accreditations:

Nursing Recognition

Nursing Recognition

Medina Hospital is proud to have received the nursing profession’s highest honor, the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Magnet® recognition. Magnet Recognition® provides the ultimate benchmark for patients, their families, and our community to measure the quality of care they can expect. Our hospital achieved this designation in 2023.

Journey to Magnet Excellence Logo

Nursing at Cleveland Clinic Medina Hospital

Nurses at Cleveland Clinic Medina Hospital exemplify the mission of Cleveland Clinic. Holistic care of patients with compassion and empathy distinguishes Medina nurses as outstanding caregivers. Medina nurses continue to develop in their profession through certification and advanced degrees, conducting research, and leveraging evidence-based practice with innovative thinking. Nurses in all specialties are highly regarded by colleagues across all departments as leaders in improvement initiatives that drive quality patient outcomes. Nurses are committed to the community we serve through supply drives, outreach, and education.

Who we are

Cleveland Clinic Medina Hospital is a modern, 148-bed hospital located on the corridor to the Medina community. The hospital features the latest technology and procedures, covering more than 30 areas of specialization, including orthopaedics and emergency services. Medina Hospital has been recognized for excellent care with numerous awards and honors, including AHA Stroke Gold Plus in 2018 and NICHE level 2 designation.

Professional Practice Model

Our Professional Practice Model is a visual representation of the values, organizational structures, and processes that provide a unifying framework for the practice of nursing at Cleveland Clinic Medina Hospital. It ensures consistency in the delivery of nursing care, and defines for all registered nurses their authority, autonomy and accountability as they care for patients and families.

Professional Practice Model - Nursing Shared Governance | Cleveland Clinic

Shared Governance at Cleveland Clinic Medina Hospital

Shared governance is an empowering organizational model that creates a structure for shared decision-making in the clinical care of patients. When granting Magnet® Recognition and Journey to Pathway to Excellence® Program designations, the American Nurses Credentialing Center considers how well the principles of shared governance are implemented throughout an organization.

Nursing Shared Governance