Marymount Hospital provides advanced health care, guided by the Christian values of service, compassion, dignity and respect. In 2007, Marymount Hospital was chosen as one of the first Cleveland Clinic Regional Hospitals to implement a patient-centered model of care which promotes the healing of the mind, body and spirit, titled “Patients First.”

Marymount Hospital offers:

  • Fresh, healthy meals from a room service menu
  • Wireless computer access for patients and families
  • Special greeters to help patients and visitors

Spirituality initiatives at Marymount include:

  • Pastoral Care visits upon request
  • Daily morning and evening prayer broadcast throughout the hospital
  • Daily Mass in Chapel for family and visitors, televised in patient rooms
  • Eucharist offered to patients daily
  • Anointing of the sick and opportunities for hearing confessions
  • Prayer partners, notes and spiritual reading material

Volunteer at Marymount Hospital

Volunteers are valued members of the Marymount team, as their generous commitment of time and effort is greatly appreciated by patients, visitors and our hospital staff. Our volunteers add a unique, personal dimension to patient care and are an essential part of the day-to-day delivery of healthcare services.

Volunteer at Marymount Hospital

The Medical Staff Bylaws

The Medical Staff Bylaws, as approved by Active Staff Members and the Governing Body, is developed to create and maintain a set of Bylaws that define the role of the Medical Staff within the context of a Hospital setting and to define responsibilities and oversight of care, treatment, and services. The Bylaws create a framework within which Medical Staff members can act with a reasonable degree of freedom and confidence.