Options for Transplant

Standard organ transplant is a procedure in which your liver is removed and replaced with the entire donor organ.

National Waiting List Organ Donation

We cannot predict how long you will be on the national waiting list to receive a liver. It could be days, a few weeks or even several years. Placement on the waiting list does not guarantee that you will get an organ.

When and if there is an organ that becomes available for you, your transplant coordinator will notify you. Have a plan in place so that you can leave your home on short notice. There is always a possibility that the donor liver is not functioning properly or the donor may become too unstable to continue with transplant. The surgeon will inform you of this event as soon as they are aware of the situation. This is called a "Dry Run" before the operation. Please do not be too disappointed if this happens. We always have your best interest uppermost in our minds.

Living Donation

You must be approved and placed on the donor waiting list to qualify for a living liver donation. Interested donors may call 216.444.1976, option 1 or visit our Living Donor Liver Transplantation page to learn more about becoming a donor. Advantages of having a living donor include knowing the scheduled date of your surgery and avoiding prolonged waiting periods on the national donor list.

You have the right to refuse an organ transplant procedure. Your transplant surgeon and physician will discuss other treatment options with you.

Interested in Finding a Donor?

United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) offers a free, downloadable guide on How to Find a Living Donor.

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