How long you stay in the hospital will depend on how quickly you recover. You will remain in the hospital as long as your doctor feels it is necessary. The time can vary, depending on how sick you were before the transplant, and/or if there are any problems after the surgery.

All liver transplantation patients will be contacted within 48 hours of discharge by the transplant coordinator to review medications obtained at patient’s local pharmacy and to reiterate points of discharge instruction.

Staples and sutures will be removed between day 14 and 21 after the liver transplant. Additional appointments for drain or T-tube removal are scheduled as needed after your liver transplantation.

Lab studies will be obtained bi-weekly for the first two weeks, followed by weekly lab studies for the next eight weeks, every two weeks for two months and then once per month if lab studies are stable. Lab work for liver transplantations is done at CCF or at the patient’s local lab. For outside lab work, a letter stating needed blood tests and instructions for mailing blood samples for immunosuppression monitoring will be given to the patient.

Outpatient lab work is reviewed by the post-transplant coordinator, abnormal values are then reviewed with the liver transplantation physician. Liver transplantation patients will remain under the care of the surgeons for the first three months and then post-OLT care will be transferred to the hepatology service in most cases.

Twice annually, we will send you a current issue of Hepatic Times, our newsletter for patients who have undergone a liver transplant.

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