Chronic Pelvic Pain

Chronic pelvic pain is a condition that affects about one in seven women in the United States. It is defined as pain located beneath the belly button and lasting longer than six months. Although your physician may make the diagnosis of chronic pelvic pain, further information is required to pinpoint the exact cause (or causes) of your condition. Determining this cause may not be straightforward and often requires multiple visits to your provider.

Your primary care physician or Obstetrics &Gynecology specialist can provide you with a referral for the Women's Health Institute Chronic Pelvic Pain Program.

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Discover better health & wellness by finding the right women’s health chronic pain management specialist.

Research & Clinical Trials

Research & Clinical Trials

About Our Research

The Chronic Pelvic Pain Program at the Cleveland Clinic is dedicated to clinical and translational research to improve the lives of our patients. Our research program emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of pelvic pain. Our clinician investigators collaborate with medical and surgical specialists from across the country, and within the Cleveland Clinic, to increase our understanding and to optimize treatments for female pelvic pain disorders. Ongoing areas of study and interest include:

  • A clinical trial that investigates the efficacy of an experimental electrical device for the treatment of chronic pelvic pain.
  • A prospective clinical study evaluating the impact of novel surgical instruments for patients suffering from chronic pelvic pain.
  • A study evaluating the use of patient reported outcome questionnaires in assessing chronic pelvic pain improvement.
  • Pelvic sensory discrimination mapping.
  • Mucosal sensitivity in Vulvar Vestibulitis Syndrome.

Clinical Trials



Cleveland Clinic Chronic Pain and Rehabilitation Program

Treatment in the CPRP is provided by a team of physicians, nurses, psychologists, counselors, physical therapists and occupational therapists. By combining several disciplines, we can deliver comprehensive care that targets the multiple needs of patients with chronic pain.

Cleveland Clinic Pain Management Department

Cleveland Clinic’s Department of Pain Management offers many safe, proven, effective treatments designed to eliminate or reduce chronic pain. Board-certified physicians are dedicated to the goal of helping people with chronic pain return to a normal, productive lifestyle.

Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine

Pain management services offered thorough this institute include:

International Pelvic Pain Society

The IPPS is committed to helping patients understand the development, evaluation, and treatment of pelvic pain syndromes. We strive to connect suffering patients with knowledgeable medical providers and reliable resources.



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Virtual Visits

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We offer the option of follow-up virtual visits for our Women’s Health Institute Chronic Pelvic Pain Program patients.

These visits are easy, private and convenient. You will see and speak with a provider live, using your mobile phone, tablet or computer. To get started:

  1. Call your physician’s office to determine if the department offers virtual office visits and if this type of visit is suitable for you.
  2. If eligible for a virtual visit, our schedulers will provide you with the necessary information to schedule your appointment.

Before making your appointment, please check with your medical insurance provider to determine coverage and co-pay information for virtual medical appointments. Not all insurance plans cover virtual medical visits.