Cleveland Clinic alumni represent a vital constituency of physicians and scientists throughout the world who reflect the institution’s commitment to excellence. Cleveland Clinic is committed to continue serving as a resource to its alumni in their post-residency years by providing access to information and programmatic support necessary to assure their professional growth and success. The goal of these efforts is to bolster the bond between the institution and its alumni and create an atmosphere that encourages a commitment among alumni to offer support for, and to participate in the life of the institution.

National Medical Meeting Receptions

Cleveland Clinic Alumni Association together with the Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery are pleased to sponsor alumni gatherings at the following major national medical meetings and other special events. All local alumni, as well as those attending the meetings, are cordially invited to these Alumni gatherings along with their spouse/companion.

Please Keep in Contact!

We want to stay on top of significant changes in your life. Have you moved? Taken on a teaching position? Received an academic promotion or professional recognition? Decided to retire? Have an interesting hobby or avocation you’d like to share? Your former CCF colleagues really want to know what you are up to. Please keep us informed and send photos! alumni@ccf.org