Nationwide, there are only four neurologists and one neurosurgeon per 100,000 U.S. residents which makes the need for teleneurological and teleneurosurgical services critical. Digital health aids providers in touching more patient lives and delivers convenient, high quality care to those in need. This technology makes healthcare more flexible, increasing the ability to provide care where and when patients need it. At the same time, it helps create efficiency that benefits clinicians and healthcare organizations.

However, implementing and sustaining a teleneurology program can be demanding. At Cleveland Clinic, we began providing telestroke services in 2011 and since inception have tripled the number of hospitals we serve. The success of our telestroke program can be attributed to a dedicated service line, with stroke neurologists on call 24/7. This level of support for acute stroke patients ensures a rapid response to contracted hospitals, which helps improve outcomes. In 2020, the average time from when a Cleveland Clinic neurologist was paged for a consultation until the physician called back the hospital was two minutes.

The lessons learned through our telestroke service have benefited our partner hospitals and supported our expansion into additional teleneurological service lines, bringing our current suite of offerings to:

  • Inpatient and outpatient teleneurology.
  • Teleneurophysiology.
  • Teleneurosurgery.
  • Teleneuro intensive care.
  • Telestroke and stroke consulting.

Our suite of teleneurological and teleneurosurgical services are designed to enhance the care patients receive and support your physicians in their practice while maximizing efficiencies and reducing costs for your organization.

Cleveland Clinic has a rich history of innovation that has revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders. Cleveland Clinic is recognized around the world for quality, innovation and efficiency. We want to share our experience and expertise in a relationship that meets your organization’s unique needs. Together with Cleveland Clinic, your organization can execute optimal, real-time neurology care in a technology-enhanced care environment. Contact us today to see how we can best support your organization’s neurological needs.

Our Services

Our Services

Whether you are seeking support for 24/7 stroke coverage, in need of subspecialty neurological inpatient consults or looking for tools to enhance the quality of your program, our service offerings makes it easy to choose the option(s) that fits your healthcare organization’s particular need(s).

Teleneurological & Teleneurosurgical Services

  • Outpatient Teleneurology: Connects general practitioners and patients with a wide variety of neurological subspecialists in the convenience of their outpatient clinics or homes, and enables patients to continue receiving care through their local practitioner.
  • Inpatient Teleneurology: Provides tiered emergency department and inpatient neurology consultations. Through a mobile two-way videoconferencing system and a dedicated link to your electronic medical record, we will make necessary recommendations, develop a plan of care, and provide discharge recommendations.
  • Teleneurophysiology: Offers a host of inpatient and outpatient services including Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) program development, EMU monitoring, EEG technician training, EEG interpretations, and consultations in the inpatient and outpatient settings, supported by a team of clinical neurophysiologists and certified EEG technicians.
  • Teleneurosurgery: Provides neurosurgery call coverage to supplement existing (part-time coverage) or unavailable (full-time coverage) resources at your facility. Through a mobile two-way videoconferencing system and a dedicated link between your imaging system and ours, we facilitate neurosurgical assessments, plan of care and decision support for acute neurosurgical emergencies.
  • Teleneuro Intensive Care: Provides tiered neurological intensive care expertise to clinicians in an intensive care setting to aid in in the evaluation and treatment of a variety of neurologic intensive care conditions such as cerebral edema, hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy post-cardiac arrest, status epilepticus, infections and noninfectious encephalopathy, neuromuscular disorders, and other neurologic emergencies.
  • Telestroke & Stroke Consulting: Provides 24/7 access to stroke-trained neurologists to supplement existing neurology resources at your facility. Through a mobile two-way videoconferencing system and a dedicated link between your imaging system and ours, we facilitate patient assessment and provide expert treatment decision support to deliver acute stroke therapy efficiently and safely. This service is supported by a dedicated team of stroke neurologists, neurointensivists, interventional neurologists and neurosurgeons, and is complemented with autolaunch services from Cleveland Clinic’s Critical Care Transport team.

    Additionally, we can provide resources to support stroke-related quality and continuous improvement initiatives of your organization, including:

    • Comprehensive Programmatic Stroke Review: Our team of experts conducts on-site or virtual tiered program evaluations and provides recommendations to help sites achieve the highest level of quality, performance, and Joint Commission recognition (when applicable).
    • Cleveland Clinic Care Guides: Thoroughly researched disease-specific guides aid practices in the delivery of evidence-based stroke care across the care continuum. Our care guides include up-to-date diagnostic and treatment recommendations for a wide array of cerebrovascular diseases including acute stroke, stroke prevention, transient ischemic attack, intracerebral hemorrhage, and post-acute stroke care.
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