Refractive Surgery

LASIK & PRK Distance-Only for Hyperopia

LASIK and PRK Distance-Only for Hyperopia (N = 25)


WFO = wavefront optimized

ᵃPercentages are cumulative
ᵇResults reflect both 20/10 and 20/12
ᶜResults reflect both 20/15 and 20/16

Following FemtoLASIK in hyperopic eyes, where a precise refractive outcome is known to be more difficult to achieve, 90% of eyes treated with WaveLight/Contoura and VISX combined achieved UCVA of 20/20 or better, and 95% achieved 20/25 or better. UCVA of 20/40 or better (legal driving vision) was achieved in 100% of all eyes and an exceptional visual result of 20/16 or better was achieved in 43% of eyes. Contoura Vision is not approved for use in hyperopic eyes.