Oculoplastic Surgery

Eyelid/Soft Tissue Surgery

Postoperative Eyelid Symmetry (N = 1246)


Postoperative eyelid symmetry was excellent in 83% of cases and good in the remaining 17% of the 1246 patients who returned for a follow-up visit. Excellent and good eyelid symmetries were defined by a marginal reflex distance within 0.5 mm and 1.0 mm of the desired position, respectively.

Eyelid/Soft Tissue Surgery: Postoperative Complications (N = 1246)


Complications following eyelid/soft tissue surgery were low among the 1246 patients who came back for a follow-up visit, with 4 patients needing reoperation (0.3%), 4 patients treated for an infection (0.3%) and 4 experiencing bleeding (0.3%). Most patients (99.1 %) had no complications.