Music therapy provides a unique opportunity for self-expression, distraction, comfort, and support. Our board-certified music therapists combine music and therapeutic techniques to address the physical, emotional, or psychosocial needs encountered by patients and families who are undergoing treatment for cancer. Music therapists assess patients' needs and goals and provide music therapy interventions, which may include listening to, reflecting on, or actively making music. Patients and families are encouraged to join in, if they are able and willing.

Music therapy is available to patients Monday-Friday during infusion treatments. Please call the number below to request music therapy services or ask any member of the multidisciplinary team to make a referral for you.

For further information, please call Pat Eden, MT-BC 216.636.3715 or Debbie Bates, MMT, MT-BC 216.444.9639.

For regional art therapy locations, please ask you physician or social worker.