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Center for Reproductive Medicine Summer Internship

Advances in Reproductive Research and Medicine

Program Overview
Center for Reproductive Medicine
2009 Summer Interns

Center for Reproductive Medicine
2009 Summer Interns

The Center for Reproductive Medicine under the Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute offers an eight-week long summer internship course in Reproductive Medicine. This internship program has become very popular over the years and attracts top undergraduate and medical students from all over the United States. During 2010, the internship accepted 22 students from 12 different states and over 20 colleges and universities.

Targeted to college (pre-med) and medical students interested in conducting cutting-edge basic science or clinical research in the field of reproductive medicine, the applicants are selected on a competitive basis.

The Research and Clinical Laboratories occupy over 2500 square feet of workspace with state-of-the-art instruments and facilities for advanced research in the pathophysiology of male and female reproductive dysfunction and research in the field of erectile dysfunction. For more information on these core laboratories, please visit:

Recently, our center has formed a partnership with the University of Southern Alabama (USA) which will allow new candidates to register for our program via an independent graduate level research course entitled “IDL 594 Interdisciplinary Directed Studies”.

Completion of our internship can earn 6.0 credits of independent research, transferable to any major university or college in the United States. College students from any American university can apply for this course through USA, facilitating our selection and application process. Research is one of the fundamental requirements for any medical school, residency or training program application, meaning that the intense competition will allow us to attract only the brightest and hardest working college students.

Learning Objectives

  • To encourage candidates to consider a career in medicine, whether in the reproductive sciences or in another field of their choice
  • Learn about the Science of Medicine from top notch speakers selected for their expertise in clinical, surgical, research and scientific fields
  • Exposure to a state-of-the-art research environment
  • Learn the art and science of how research is conducted
  • Introduction to cutting edge science (proteomics, genomics, molecular biotechnology, imaging, computational biomodeling)
  • Mentoring by respected researchers at a world-renowned medical institution
  • Establish a solid foundation for a clinical or research career in reproductive medicine/ biology
  • Interact with physicians and scientists specializing in reproductive endocrinology, male infertility (urologists), endocrinology, bioethics, laboratory medicine, etc. and observe some of them in surgery
  • Attend weekly research meetings, lectures, didactics and group discussions. These interactions provide an understanding of how research is conducted
  • Acquire skills in electronic database search, literature review and scientific writing of research reports
  • Participate in writing of scientific articles and reviews in reproductive biology and human infertility
  • Present research findings in departmental meetings
  • Prepare and present PowerPoint talks at research conferences
  • Learn data compilation and analysis
  • Understand the application of statistical methods in basic and clinical reproductive science research

More Information

For further information on the Center for Reproductive Medicine Summer Internship program, download our program brochure or contact us at:

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Center for Reproductive Medicine
9500 Euclid Ave., Desk A19.1
Cleveland, OH 44195
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