Residents who enter the professional world after successfully completing the Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute's fellowship and residency program continue to receive alumni support and recognition.

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Past Residents

Name Class Fellowship Current Position
Anna Zampini 2019 Endourology Fellowship, Mt. Sinai, New York
Nitin Yerram 2019 Oncology Fellowship, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland
Andrew Sun 2019 Andrology and Male Infertility Fellowship, UCLA - Los Angeles, California
Paurush Babbar 2019 Male Reconstruction Fellowship, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio
Hans Arora 2019 Pediatric Urology, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago at Northwestern University, IL
Nima Almassi 2018 Urologic Oncology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York
Bradley Gill 2018 Faculty, Cleveland Clinic
Daniel Greene 2018 Private Practice, California
Bryan Hinck 2018 Faculty, University of Minnesota, Minnesota
Yaw Nyame 2018 Urologic Oncology, University of Washington, Washington
Sam Haywood 2017 Oncology Fellowship, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York
Iryna Makovey Crescenze 2017 Female and Reconstructive Urology Fellowship, University of Michigan, Michigan
Chad Reichard 2017 Oncology Fellowship, MD Anderson, Texas
Christine Tran 2017 Private Practice, Northern Virginia
Sarah Vij 2017 Male infertility and Andrology Fellowship, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio Faculty, Cleveland Clinic
Benjamin Cohen 2016 Private Practice, Baltimore, Maryland
Juan Jimenez 2016 Private Practice, Cleveland, Ohio
Ganesh Kartha 2016 Private Practice, Louisville, Kentucky
Catherine Seager 2016 Pediatric Urology Fellowship, Boston Children’s Hospital, Massachusetts
Raman Unnikrishnan 2016 Private Practice, Virginia Beach, VA
Chris Brede 2015 Private Practice, Michigan
Kiranpreet Khurana 2015 Male Reconstructive and Andrology/Infertility, New York University, NY
Greg Lieser 2015 Private Practice, Texas
Ben Larson 2015 Private Practice, California
Karin Westesson 2015 Private Practice, Montana
Kevin Chandler 2014 Private Practice, New York
Brandon Isaryawongse 2014 Private Practice, California
Devon Snow 2014 Pediatric Urology, Chicago Children’s Hospital/Northwestern University, IL
Yuka Yamaguchi 2014 Male Reconstruction and Andrology/Infertility, New York University, NY
Ina Wu 2014 Faculty, University of Nebraska

Past Fellows

Name Class Current Position
Daniel Sagalovich, M.D. 2018 Faculty, Mount Sinai Hospital, NY
Jeremy Reese, M.D. 2017 Faculty, Foothills Urology Colorado, Golden, CO
Jessica Lloyd, M.D. 2018 Private Practice, Eugene, OR
Juan Guzman, M.D. 2018 Staff, Cleveland Clinic Florida
Julien Dagenais, M.D. 2018 Faculty, The Urology Center of Colorado, Denver, CO
Ryan Nelson, DO 2017 Faculty, Michigan Institute of Urology, Macomb, MI
Matthew Maurice, M.D. 2017 Faculty, Canton Urology, Canton, OH
Elodi Dielubanza, M.D. 2017 Faculty, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA
Henry Okafor, M.D. 2017 Faculty, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, TN
Daniel Ramierez, M.D. 2016 Staff, Urology Associates of Nashville, Nashville, TN
Peter Caputo, M.D. 2016 Faculty, Summit Urology Group, Salt Lake City, UT
Javier Pizarro Berdichevsky, M.D. 2016 Faculty, Hospital dr Soto del Rio, Santiago, Chile
Marisa Clifton, M.D. 2016 Faculty, Geisinger Medical Center, Danville, PA


Stay connected!

We invite you to stay connected with your fellow Cleveland Clinic alums and share professional news and photos with us. Send content or request to receive our nephrology newsletter to GUKIalumni@ccf.org, and join the @CleClinicNeph conversation on Twitter.

Past Fellows

Name Class Current Position
Bushra Syed 2019 Fellowship, Cleveland Clinic, OH
Anum Malik 2019 Staff, Cleveland VA, Cleveland, OH
Rami Azem 2019 Private Practice, Cleveland, OH
Tarek Ashour 2019 Staff, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH
Rebecca Blonsky 2018 Private Practice Marshfield Clinic - St. Joseph Hospital, Marshfield, WI
Samir Brahmbhatt 2018 Private Practice, Cincinnati, OH
Gayatr Nair 2018 Transplant Fellowship, NY
Adedeji (DJ) Sodeinde 2018 Private Practice, Cleveland, OH
Yvonne El Kassis 2017 Staff, UPenn, Philadelphia, PA
Arani Nanavati 2017 Private Practice, Des Moines, IA
Arjun Sekar 2017 Associates in Kidney Care, Cleveland, OH
Masaaki Yamada 2017 UC Health, Cincinnati, OH
Taran Kaur 2016 UC Health, Cincinnati, OH
Minesh Rajpal 2016 Private Practice, AZ
Reejis Stephen 2016 Private Practice, GA

Saurabh Dasgupta

2016 Internal Medicine, MD
Georges Nakhoul 2015 Staff, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH
Silvi Shah 2015 UC Health, Cleveland, OH
Grace (Snyder-Garza) Mcnutt 2015 Private Practice, Laredo, TX
Ma Clarisse (Toledo) Santos 2015 Private Practice, Honolulu, HI
Where Are They Now

Where Are They Now

Former Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute Resident reflects on the personal and career impact of his training.

Paurush Babbar

Parrush Babbar

Paurush Babbar is a urologist with The Urology Group in Cincinnati, Ohio. He specializes in Male Genitourinary Reconstruction, Prosthetics and Men’s Health. Paurush grew up in Melbourne, Australia and moved to Atlanta, GA at the age of 14 for high school. He then went to Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, NC for his undergraduate studies and stayed on at Wake Forest School of Medicine for medical school. Paurush then matched at the Cleveland Clinic for his urology residency. It was here under the mentorship of Dr Kenneth Angermeier and Dr Hadley Wood that he cultivated an interest in GU reconstruction and prosthetics. He hence decided to complete his fellowship under their tutelage and graduated in 2020. 

“There is no better place to train in my eyes than the Cleveland Clinic. I feel extremely fortunate that I was given the opportunity to build lifelong relationships with some of the pre-eminent thought leaders in the field of urology while here at CCF. The camaraderie and collegiality between staff, residents, fellows, nurses, APPs and all the support staff is truly unique and allows for an extremely supportive and collaborative work environment. The culture of intellectual curiosity, cutting edge innovation and team work fosters a spirit of continued self-improvement. 

If I had to outline the unique parts of the residency experience which differentiate the educational experience at CCF, they are – 

  1. Chief Year where you are afforded the ability to pick from a diverse array of complex cases and tailor the year to your specific interests and goals. Being a quaternary care center, you get learn the nuances of managing cases ranging from the “bread and butter” of urology to once in a lifetime pathology. As a chief resident, you are in the operating room every day and can really focus on honing your operative skills and post-operative management of these cases
  2. Starting your PGY2 year, you run your own service. This is extremely critical as you learn from an early and formative stage in your career how to make decisions, interface with staff and take ownership over patient care. Instead of waiting till your senior years of residency to deliberate of substantive patient management issues, you do so from your first day on the urology service. 
  3. There is unparalleled support for academic and research endeavors. We have access to statisticians and innumerable databases for clinical research and then there are great basic science options for your research year that actually yield tangible results in the one year timeframe allotted.
  4. Focus of resident well-being and mental health. The department and program leadership is very cognizant of the increasing demands placed upon residents and take steps to help manage stress for the residents. The program directors constantly solicit feedback on how to make the residency better. The residents are extremely tight knit and an integral support system for each other during these formative years of their fledgling career. 

As I enter clinical practice, I am grateful for the experiences I had at CCF. I would recommend CCF unequivocally for anyone considering urology residency – you will come out with phenomenal training, meaningful friendships with co-residents and an amazing array of lifelong mentors who will always be in your corner.”