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Caregiver giving a vasectomy consultation.

Yes, Vasectomies May Actually Have Risen Since SCOTUS Ruling

Study finds a 35% increase in vasectomy consultation requests

robotic prostatectomy diagram

Robotic Radical Prostatectomy in Patients With a Hostile Surgical Abdomen

Using novel robotic approaches for a difficult-to-access prostate

caregiver holding Uromonitor device

First-in-Human Study Shows Safety, Feasibility of UroMonitor

What it could mean for the future of ambulatory monitoring for bladder conditions

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Experts in Cleveland Clinic’s Department of Urology are committed to excellence in transformative urologic care, research and teaching. We are nationally ranked for our urology care, and Cleveland Clinic is recognized throughout the world for its expertise and care. Our commitment to practice-changing innovation is a pledge to our patients, for whom we are privileged to provide care. Visit our physician blog, Consult QD to learn more about the latest advancements from our urology experts.

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