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Toolkits & Educational Resources

At Cleveland Clinic we recognize the importance of investing in our staff. Staff whom feel valued are less likely to resign, more likely to claim the mission and values of the health system as their own, and more likely to provide better care.

Described below are two ways we engage staff in their profession and the health system. Our Professional Services team wants to share with you our experience in these areas and help turn your staff into career caregivers.


Shared Governance empowers nurses by giving them a voice in policy-making and the creation of quality care standards. Shared Governance Day (SGD) is a fun, educational way to showcase staffs’ contributions through poster presentations.

This set-by-step guide contains all the information needed to host a successful SGD:

  • Poster topic ideas
  • A poster grading rubric to help in choosing who receives the Best Poster Award
  • Suggestions of other activities that can be easily paired with the poster presentation session
  • A checklist to help with advance planning of the day
  • A poster template and award winning poster samples from SGD at Cleveland Clinic

The toolkit also includes a USB drive containing customizable files so you can personalize our SGD materials to better fit your organization.  Since holding our first SGD in 2007 we have enjoyed seeing some of our nurses present at state conferences and the ANA’s National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators. We also found that the full integration of the Shared Governance Model helps us recognize our potential and embrace the qualities that make us a Magnet hospital.

So that you too can receive these benefits and strengthen the partnership among your healthcare providers we are offering the Shared Governance Day Toolkit for sale.

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Management research shows that when employees experience career progression they have a strengthened desire to remain with their organization and begin to work harder to meet the organization’s goals. Our career ladders provide staff the necessary direction to expand their skills, advance their careers, and better serve patients.

Each ladder includes two components that show the steps leading to advancement opportunities. 

  • The first component outlines the eligibility requirements and the goals that must be met for career advancement to be possible. These might include suggested degrees or necessary certifications and licenses.
  • In the second component we provide a skills table that highlights the leadership, clinical, and community positions available at various career levels and which might enhance progression to the next level.

The ladders can be used directly or altered to fit the specific opportunities and requirements of your institution. Please enquire about the career ladders we have developed for the following direct care professionals:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Medical Assistants
  • Clinical care partners
  • Non-clinical care partners

Purchase the entire package of five ladders or a combination of your choice. Contact Nancy Kanyok to order.

Nancy Kanyok