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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Cleveland Clinic Global Solutions, Riyadh facilitates the medical education and training of healthcare professionals in Saudi Arabia. It represents collaboration between Cleveland Clinic and Healthcare Development Holding Co. in Saudi Arabia. The goals of this partnership are to promote the sharing of knowledge and to enhance collaborative relationships.

Our team of competent professionals is committed to delivering customized solutions designed to meet the needs of the medical community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Through our pooled efforts and joint commitment to advancing medical care and education, we work collaboratively with well-established hospitals, universities and research centers to enhance their programs and services. We also help growing medical institutions to develop their manpower and to strengthen their infrastructure by efficiently utilizing resources.

Cleveland Clinic Global Solutions, Riyadh is able to design customized packages, including:

  • Training and education — clinical, nursing and administrative
  • Clinical programs — development and consulting services as well as quality assurance
  • Streamlined access — facilitated services for patients wishing to be treated at Cleveland Clinic 

Our Riyadh office affirms Cleveland Clinic's commitment to meeting the healthcare expectations and demands of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a local setting through this affiliation. The team is available to assist you with patient visits and appointment at any of our Cleveland Clinic facilities. Additionally, our office is able to facilitate requests for second opinions. 

The following resources will help you learn more about Cleveland Clinic services and our partnership with Healthcare Development Holding Co.

To learn more about the services we offer through our independent representative, please contact our office: 

Phone: +966.11.416.9660
Fax: +966.11.416.9662
Address: King Fahd Street | P.O. Box 55306 | Riyadh 11534 | Saudi Arabia