Cleveland Clinic supports the diverse needs of patients in locations across the world. With representatives in countries across the globe, whether you are a patient or medical professional, you are never too far to connect with Cleveland Clinic. In-country representatives are located in:

Members of the Global Patient Services (GPS) team are committed to providing the same level of service and care at Cleveland Clinic facilities worldwide. The complimentary services of Global Patient Services are available when traveling for care to the following Cleveland Clinic facilities:

Cleveland Clinic
Location: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
GPS Scheduling: +1.844.330.0842 (toll-free)

Cleveland Clinic Florida
Location: Weston, Florida, USA
GPS Scheduling: +1.954.659.5080

Cleveland Clinic Canada
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
GPS Scheduling: +1.416.507.6783

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi
Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
GPS Scheduling: +971.2.659.0200

Note: Contact your international operator to determine the dialing prefixes for calling the United States, Canada or the United Arab Emirates from your country.