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Cleveland Clinic was coping with the fallout from a tragic fire and explosion that killed 123 patients, visitors and employees on May 15, 1929. The organization’s unique model of medicine showed its value, as the Clinic not only survived the disaster and the Great Depression, but emerged with a greater reputation. The medical campus continued to grow in size and the focus on treatment, education and research moved forward.

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To Act as a Unit - Episode 5: 1930-1940

To Act as a Unit - The Story of Cleveland Clinic
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To Act as a Unit - The Story of Cleveland Clinic

To Act as a Unit is the official history of Cleveland Clinic, recounting its origins and growth from a small hospital to a world-renowned healthcare provider. It has been updated in recognition of Cleveland Clinic's Centennial in 2021, with accounts of the hospital system's recent history and its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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