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Beyond Leadership

Beyond Leadership

Host Dr. Brian Bolwell escorts you through a network of thought leaders, sharing world-class insight on leadership and cutting-edge hospital management approaches. They will inspire and perhaps compel you to reinvent your practices – and yourself.

Developed and managed by Cleveland Clinic Global Executive Education.

Steven Corwin, President and CEO of New York-Presbyterian Healthcare System

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Do The Right Thing

Dr. Steven Corwin, President and CEO of NewYork-Presbyterian Healthcare System, joins the podcast to discuss doing the right thing - leading with empathy, authenticity, and a care for the future.

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All Beyond Leadership Episodes

All Beyond Leadership Episodes

August 1, 2022

Trust Starts with Follow Through

Dr. Richard Cohen, Chair of the Digestive Disease & Surgery Institute, Professor, Chief of Surgery and Deputy Medical Director at Cleveland Clinic London, joins host Dr. Brian Bolwell to discuss how to build trust by following through on promises, never being above any task and leading with authenticity.

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July 15, 2022

Leading the Parade: Generating buy-in and support

Dr. Joanne Conroy, President and CEO of Dartmouth Health, joins host Dr. Bolwell to discuss the importance of engaging with your team and stakeholders, fostering trust, and serving a greater purpose as a leader.

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July 1, 2022

Lead with Grace

William Peacock, Cleveland Clinic Chief of Operations, joins host Dr. Brian Bolwell to discuss the importance of leading with grace, being a servant leader, and his own leadership journey which took him from the US Navy to Cleveland Clinic.

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June 15, 2022

Success Starts With Trust

Paul Matsen, Cleveland Clinic Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, joins host Dr. Brian Bolwell to discuss how trust breeds collaboration, creativity, and most of all, success.

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