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Beyond Leadership

Beyond Leadership

Host Dr. Brian Bolwell escorts you through a network of thought leaders, sharing world-class insight on leadership and cutting-edge hospital management approaches. They will inspire and perhaps compel you to reinvent your practices – and yourself.

Developed and managed by Cleveland Clinic Global Executive Education.

Brian Harte, MD, for Beyond Leadership podcast.

Featured Episode

Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

Brian Harte, MD, President of Cleveland Clinic Akron General Hospital, discusses leadership challenges, managing conflict, and being open to new opportunities with host Dr. Brian Bolwell.

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All Beyond Leadership Episodes

All Beyond Leadership Episodes

May 2, 2022

Make it Personal - Lead through Shared Values

James Stoller, MD, MS, Chairman of the Education Institute at Cleveland Clinic, joins host, Dr. Brian Bolwell, to discuss what he has learned about leadership during his career, what he teaches to others about leadership, and shares his advice on how to make leadership personal.

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April 15, 2022

Mindful Impact - Leading by Example

Marna Borgstrom, Former CEO of Yale New Haven Hospital and Yale New Haven Health, joins host Dr. Brian Bolwell to discuss her leadership journey, the value of being mindful of the impact leaders' actions have on their teams, and the importance of leading by example.

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April 1, 2022

Stand Up and Listen Up: Creating Psychological Safety

Dr. Leslie Jurecko, Chief Safety and Quality Officer at Cleveland Clinic, joins host Dr. Brian Bolwell to discuss the importance of creating psychological safety at all levels of an organization.

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March 14, 2022

Fail early, Fail often: Learn to Fail to be a Better Leader

Robert Wyllie, MD, Chief Medical Operations Officer at Cleveland Clinic discusses the benefits of failing and learning from failure during his career and how learning how to fail can make a successful leader.

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