"More in-depth with questions & comments from other patients. Left with positive feeling knowing I'm not the only one going through opiate addiction.” 
Suboxone SMA, Dr. Bales

“I liked that there was still the one-on-one time with doctor to discuss any specific concerns. Sharing was a good opportunity to hear other issues/concerns that maybe don't pertain to me yet but could in the future.” 
Male CPE SMA, Dr. Kratche

“I believe it is very informative and other women have specific issues the same as I do…in a way it puts you at ease because you're thinking that it's not only you with these problems.”
Women’s Health Issues SMA, Dr. Thacker

"The benefit was being able to see Dr. Cobb sooner, and as we shared, we had a lot in common. The conversation generated knowledge about things I had not even thought of." 
Women’s Wellness CPE SMA, Dr. Cobb

“This is a great program. I urge other type 1 diabetic patients to take part in these sessions. I look forward to the next one. Hearing what Dr. Aycinena and his staff [say] is beneficial to us as individual patients and as a group. I learn something new and beneficial to me at each session.” 
Diabetes SMA, Dr. Aycinena

“All the difference in the world! Focused and relaxed attention from the doctor and a strong sense of shared concerns. Fine team effort.” 
Osteoporosis SMA, Dr. Al-Ashkar

“Group appointment very engaging– supportive, beneficial to hear others experiencing similar issues & problems in day to day life."
Female Depression SMA, Dr. Gonsalves

"This is the 2nd time I've done a shared appointment and would recommend to others. I feel the facilitators are more engaged, with special attention and specific questions that everyone in the group can benefit from."
Women’s Wellness CPE SMA, Dr. Batur