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If your statement is from Akron General, please call 330.344.6924 or 866.246.3472.

Hospital Billing Policies

Lodi Hospital will bill all your medical insurance carriers. Please be sure we have your correct and complete insurance information. This is most easily accomplished if you present your insurance cards when you are registering. Co-payments should be paid at the time of service.

Balances remaining after insurance payments and adjustments will be billed to you. You may also be billed if your insurance company denies payment or fails to respond. We encourage you to appeal denials with your insurance company and to call them when you have not received notice that they have paid your bill.

When you do receive your bill, payment in full is expected, and appreciated. If you cannot pay your entire balance, please call us and we will try to help.

Having trouble paying your bill? Uninsured? You may be eligible for financial assistance. For information, call 216.445.6249 or 866.621.6385, or review Cleveland Clinic’s Financial Assistance policy.

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Lodi Hospital Charges

In compliance with state law, Cleveland Clinic provides price lists for each of our hospitals containing charges for room and board, emergency department, operating room, delivery, physical therapy and other procedures, as well as a comprehensive list of all charges that may be incurred, also known as a chargemaster or CDM. The hospital’s charges are the same for all patients, but a patient’s responsibility may vary depending on payment plans negotiated with individual health insurers.

Financial Assistance

We know that a hospital visit, test or therapy is often unexpected. We also understand that the expense can become a worry to you. We take great pride in putting our patients first and that is the reason we participate in the Ohio Hospital Care Assurance Program (HCAP) and our CARE charity programs.

To qualify, patients must complete a Hospital Financial Assistance Program Application, apply and have their eligibility approved to receive free care under the HCAP or CARE programs. Call 216.445.6249 or 866.621.6385 for a financial assistance application.



We know that it can be stressful to navigate the insurance coverage process, but we strive to make it as smooth as possible.

We accept a variety of plans from insurance companies at Cleveland Clinic Lodi Hospital. To verify if your insurance plan is accepted for services at our facility, please review our list of accepted insurance companies at Cleveland Clinic.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

We know that a hospital visit, test or therapy is often unexpected. We also understand that the expense can become a worry to you. We take great pride in putting our patients first and that is the reason we participate in the Ohio Hospital Care Assurance Program (HCAP) and our CARE charity programs.

To qualify, patients must complete a Hospital Financial Assistance Program Application, apply and have their eligibility approved to receive free care under the HCAP or CARE programs. Call 216.445.6249 or 866.621.6385 for a financial assistance application.

Cleveland Clinic offers financial assistance to those who qualify.

Patient Price Information List

In compliance with state law, a price list is available containing the usual and customary charges for room and board, X-rays, Laboratory, Emergency Department, Operating Room, Delivery Room, Physical Therapy and Respiratory Services.

Billing Questions

Billing Questions

Search topics for commonly asked questions below or contact Patient Financial Services at 216.445.6249 or 866.621.6385.

Billing for Therapy or Extended Services

I am having some therapy services for an extended period of time. How does the billing process work in this circumstance?

The accounts are billed in 30-day or monthly intervals depending on health plan requirements. Therapy accounts are valid for up to six months. If treatment goes beyond that you will be asked to re-register under a new account number. Please contact us at 216.445.6249 or 866.621.6385 if you have any questions on your therapy account.

Billing Process Explained

I am a new patient at Akron General. Please briefly explain the billing process.

Before services are provided you will be asked to register. This may be over the phone, or in person at the facility. You will be asked to provide a copy of your health insurance card(s). Providing your card(s) is very important, and will help ensure a smooth billing process. After we obtain your health plan information, we will print a registration record listing the information you have provided. Please review it carefully to be sure we have all information correct. Your signature attests to its accuracy and gives us permission to bill the health plan(s) listed.

We will bill your primary health plan and all additional health plans. After they have paid, we will bill you for any patient amounts owed by you (for example, your deductible) that remain. Medical billing is a complicated process, and it may be several months before you will receive a statement showing your personal responsibility. Our statement includes a summary of charges, and a list of any adjustments or payments made. The balance should be paid by the due date shown.

You may receive one bill or multiple bills for a single medical procedure. You will receive separate bills from your doctors (professional bills) and the Medical Center (technical bill). For example, if you have a procedure done at Akron General that requires services from a radiologist, a surgeon, a pathologist and an anesthesiologist, you will receive a separate bill from each professional in addition to your bill from Akron General

Denied Claims

Why did my insurance company deny paying my hospital bill?

Unfortunately, there are many reasons why health plans deny paying bills or pay only a portion of your bill. They may not have been able to properly identify you as a subscriber. They may think another payor is responsible for payment. They may think that the service was not covered, or a pre-existing condition existed, or that the service was experimental. Perhaps they applied the charges to deductible or coinsurance amounts. Were you out of network, or did you receive a service without the required pre-authorization?

It is important that you know why your bill was not paid. Many times the explanation is on the health plan Explanation of Benefits (EOB). If not, or if you still have questions, please contact your health plan directly.

Detailed Billing

How can I get a detailed bill that shows all of the items billed to me?

To request a detailed bill, call 216.445.6249 or 866.621.6385 and have your account number from your statement handy.

Emergency Treatment

I belong to a managed care health plan but needed help in an emergency. What should I do now that I've received services?

If you did not contact your primary care doctor or your health plan before you came to the Emergency Department, contact them within 24 hours. Explain the circumstances and ask for authorization. If you are given a verbal authorization number, please call us at 330.344.6082 or 1.800.221.6195 with the information, including the name of the person who gave you the authorization. If your health plan denies the service, you may want to consider filing an appeal based on information in your health plan book.

Having a Baby

I am having a baby. What do I need to do to be sure my baby's account is covered?

Congratulations! Please make sure you call your employer's benefits department as soon as possible to have your newest family member added to your health plan.

Insurance Contracts and Billing

How does your contractual agreement with my health plan company affect the billing process?

We will post the appropriate adjustment based on our contractual agreement. If the amount we bill you does not match the amount shown on the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your health plan company, please call us at the number on your bill. We will work with you and your health plan company to resolve the difference. In some cases, companies take discounts for which there is no contractual agreement. In these cases, we must look to you for payment or resolution with your health plan.

How long will it take my health plan to pay their portion of the bill?

On average, a health plan will process a claim within 45 days of receiving the bill. We will follow up with the health plan to expedite the resolution of the claim. At times you may need to contact the health plan company to assist in this process.

Why did my health plan pay only a part of my bill?

Most health plans require that you pay a co-payment, coinsurance, and/or a deductible for your healthcare expenses. Your bill may include charges that you are responsible to pay, such as non-covered items or out-of-pocket expenses. Contact your health plan for specific information pertaining to your coverage.

Why do I need to call my health plan if they do not pay the bill?

We will make every effort to obtain payment on the account from your health plan, but we may need your assistance to resolve any concerns. By contacting your health plan and encouraging them to pay will help you avoid receiving a bill for services that should be paid by the health plan.

Medicare and Outpatient Services

Does Medicare cover everything?

There are some items that are excluded from Medicare coverage such as drugs that can be self administered in an outpatient setting. These include most oral drugs given in the Emergency Department, treatment areas or observation rooms.

Some screening tests and pre-surgical testing charges may not be covered. If you have questions, please discuss them with your doctor's office or with us prior to receiving the tests.

Your Medicare handbook is a good reference for this information. You can obtain one by calling 1.800.MEDICARE (800.633.4227). You can also order, view or download the Medicare & You handbook by visiting on the web. Select "Publications."

Methods of Payment

How do I pay?

You can pay by mailing in your check, money order or credit card information with the remit stub from your statement, or call 216.445.6249 or 866.621.6385. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. There is no charge to make a check payment over the phone.

If you have a payment plan and are getting a past due notice, you may have paid less than the agreed upon amount or paid after the due date you selected. Try to catch up on your payments, if possible. If not possible, please call us at 216.445.6249 or 866.621.6385 to review your payment agreement terms.

Payment Plans

Can I set up a payment plan for my portion of the bill?

Yes. However, as a not-for-profit healthcare facility, we cannot maintain balances for extended periods. We will work with you to establish a mutually agreeable payment plan. Call 216.445.6249 or 866.621.6385.

Pricing, Charges and Estimated Charges

Can you tell me what the total charges will be before I receive services?

We can provide an estimate. Please call 330.344.AGMC (2462) or 1.800.343.AGMC (2462).

What items are considered in setting your charges?

Many items are considered in determining charges for services, such as costs for supplies, equipment, staff and building and operations overhead. We realize that health care is expensive, but we work to ensure that we keep our costs as low as possible.

Receiving Multiple Bills

Why can't all the bills – the hospital's and the doctor's – be on one form?

Providers, such as the hospital and doctors, must use their own tax identification numbers and health plan provider identification numbers. We are all required to send separate bills, and you will receive separate Explanations of Benefits (EOB) from the health plans. We realize how confusing it can be. We will do our best to work with you to explain any bill related to services provided at Akron General.

I have been a patient at Akron General many times so I receive multiple bills. It gets confusing trying to keep up with everything.

We understand. The medical billing process is complicated. Because of health plan requirements, we must bill each visit separately, except for recurring therapy or other treatment services. While this does generate a lot of paperwork, it does help make the process more understandable than if all billings were lumped together.

Here's a helpful hint for keeping track of it all: file your bills and health plan's Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) by date of service. That's what we do. This makes it possible to match a bill from a medical provider to the EOB from a health plan. This will help you know when a bill has been paid by your health plan company and will help you confirm we are billing you for the correct balance. Keep any additional correspondence filed by date of service too.

Please contact us at 216.445.6249 or 866.621.6385 for help in understanding your bills.

Can I get only one statement?

Once the remaining balance on a bill for a particular date of service becomes your responsibility we can combine multiple dates of service together, unless you have Medicare. You will then receive only one statement. You will be required to establish a payment plan when we consolidate your bills. When additional dates of service become your responsibility, they can be added to your previous combined statement, as long as your account is in good standing. Contact us directly at 216.445.6249 or 866.621.6385.

Receiving Past Due Notices

Why am I getting a past due notice when I am paying you each month?

Usually it is because you have not established a formal payment plan with us. Our billing system expects the balance to be paid in full unless a payment plan is established. If you cannot pay the balance in full, you must establish a payment plan. Call 216.445.6249 or 866.621.6385.

Understanding What You Owe

How and when will I know what I owe? What if I have two health plans?

Akron General will bill your primary health plan soon after you receive services, usually within a week or two. After we receive payment from your primary health plan, we will bill the secondary health plan for any remaining balance. The secondary bill is cannot be sent until the primary health plan has paid.

If you do not have a secondary health plan or if the secondary health plan does not pay the balance in full, we will send you a statement for the remaining balance. Once you receive this statement, we expect you to pay the amount indicated. Please take the time to review the summary of charges and call us if you have any questions about this amount. Often, you will receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company showing what is paid and what is your responsibility.

How can I find out what I owe you right now?

Call 216.445.6249 or 866.621.6385 and please have the account number from your statement handy.

Uninsured or Unable to Pay

I don't have any insurance. Is there any help available?

We can assist you in several ways. We can assist you through the Medicaid application process. If you do not qualify, based on medical and financial criteria, we can review your financial situation to see if you qualify for the Hospital Care Assurance Program (HCAP), CARE or other financial assistance programs. Call us if you have questions.

I have insurance, but don't have much money and have many medical expenses. Is there any help available for the balance I owe after my insurance?

Please contact us at 216.445.6249 or 866.621.6385 to discuss available options.

What happens if I don't pay the bill?

Please call us if you cannot pay your bill. We will work with you to see if you qualify for any available assistance and/or to see if a payment plan can be arranged. If you do not contact us, we have no choice but to assume that you are not willing to resolve your account. We will send unpaid accounts to collection agencies for settlement. We do report delinquent accounts to the credit reporting agencies. Typically, however, this can be avoided with your cooperation.

Updating Your Account Information

How do I update my address and other information, like my insurance company?

You can update your address by calling 216.445.6249 or 866.621.6385, or on the return envelope when you are making a payment.

Why Was My Stay Billed As Outpatient?

Why was my stay in the Hospital billed as an outpatient service?

Your admitting doctor determines your status by the order he or she writes. Observation is considered an outpatient service, and it is used when your doctor is trying to determine if an inpatient admission is necessary. When you have a hospital stay, ask your physician or your care manager if you have been admitted or are in observation status. Your inpatient and outpatient benefits are different. For Medicare patients, observation status does not count toward the three-day hospital stay requirement for a skilled nursing facility visit, and self-administered drugs will not be covered.

Why You Must Register

Please explain the registration process. Must I register each time?

Information gathered for patient registration at any Akron General facility is stored in our computer system. We retrieve this information each time you return for services and ask you to verify that the information is current and accurate. There are specific questions Medicare requires that we ask each time you register to determine whether Medicare or another health plan is primary. Your assistance in verifying the information at the time of registration is vital.

We are required to obtain the written physician order for outpatient services. Information about the reason for the visit (diagnosis, symptoms and the physician ordering the test or procedure) must be entered into our computer system to meet requirements of the insurance companies, but most importantly, to ensure that the results are sent to the right places.

If you are receiving a series of treatments, such as physical therapy, chemotherapy or radiation therapy, registration is necessary only once for the period of treatment.