Level of Training Annual Salary
PGY 1 $61,609
PGY 2 $63,685
PGY 3 $65,743

The table provided above displays the annual salaries of Cleveland Clinic Foundation/Fairview Hospital's Internal Medicine residents based on the 2022-2023 academic year. These numbers are contingent upon the resident's level of training throughout the residency program. In addition to an annual salary, residents are also rewarded excellent benefits.

Read below to learn more about Internal Medicine resident benefits.

Benefits and Rewards

  • Five paid days to attend Cleveland Clinic Internal Medicine board review course during the third year
  • Comfortable call schedule
  • Convenient, free parking
  • Friendly and supportive staff
  • Employee Fitness Center


  • Reimbursement toward the ABIM certification examination
  • Research Recognition Award of $750 to the PGY-3 resident who wins first place in the research competition

Credit Union and Direct Deposit

Direct deposit of your paycheck will be arranged through the payroll office. The hospital offers membership in the credit union and provides a bank machine on the premises.

Health, Vision and Dental Insurance

Residents receive health coverage through the hospital’s flexible health benefits program, including dental and vision insurance.

Life Insurance and Disability Coverage

A life insurance policy equal to the resident’s salary and a disability policy are provided at no charge to the resident.

Vacation Time

Residents receive four weeks (21 working days) of vacation per academic year. Vacation time is not cumulative and should be taken in the year earned; it does not carry over into the next academic year.

Paid Personal Days

Residents are eligible for up to 14 paid personal days per year. Personal days can be used for taking board or USMLE exams, or as interview days. Personal days should be requested in advance whenever possible.

Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

Residents are covered by the hospital's professional liability insurance while performing duties within the scope of their medical education program.

Stipend for Books

Every resident receives a yearly academic fund for books, memberships, board review preparation and scholarly activity for local and national conferences a year. 

PGY-1 & 2 Yearly fund is $1,600.

PGY-3 Yearly fund is $2,600 which includes ABIM examination.