• Our longitudinal care clinic is achieved through the Internal Medicine continuity clinic on different locations throughout the west region of Cleveland.
  • We have moved to an 8 + 2 model for the residency; every resident will have 8 weeks of different rotations followed regularly by 2 weeks of outpatient clinic.

The number of patients and responsibility of residents gradually advance throughout the three years of training. The Westown Health Center, Independence, Richard E. Jacobs, and Cleveland Clinic Lakewood - Medical Outpatient Center schedules the same patients be seen by the resident for their follow-up appointments to maintain a continuity of care. We have a robust primary care experience which includes caring for diverse local communities and large underserved populations.

  • The residents will discuss with their preceptor, each patient, both new and old, whom they see in the longitudinal care clinic and should feel free to have the preceptor confirm any uncertain physical findings.
  • The preceptor will review pertinent historical information and/or physical examination findings with the resident and the patient.
  • The attending physician is required to sign on all patients seen by the resident, certifying his concurrence with the plan of diagnostic and therapeutic intervention by the resident.
  • Preceptors evaluate the residents on a quarterly basis.
  • The preceptors who precept the residents’ activities in the longitudinal care clinic is also evaluated by the residents.

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Richard E. Jacobs