Residents are divided into three teams on the medical floors. Each team is composed of one senior resident and two to three first year residents, and often joined by a first year rotating resident from other programs.

  • Each team is supervised by a firm director or hospitalist based on the team subtype (private physicians vs. hospital medicine).
  • A teaching attending physician also conducts bedside teaching rounds with each team to discuss academically challenging cases.
  • The first year residents assume primary responsibility for patients admitted on the teaching service. They obtain a history and physical and collect lab/imaging data, and then discuss this with the senior resident to formulate a management plan. The patient's teaching attending physician oversees the plan and directs the team.
  • The ICU team is composed of a third, two second and one year resident, while a third year resident leads the CCU team with two first year residents.
  • A second year family medicine resident completing his/her coronary care rotation may also join the CCU team.
  • Senior residents in both units organize their team's daily teaching rounds conducted by critical care specialists, cardiologists, or other internal medicine sub-specialists.