Judi Bar, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT

Judi Bar, CYT, E RYT 500

Judi Bar is a Yoga Specialist and Yoga Program Manager at Cleveland Clinic Wellness & Preventive Medicine. Judi is one of the first to hold such a position in the country with a major medical institute.

After a personal struggle with chronic back pain and adapting yoga for her own self recovery and care, Judi taught her style of yoga successfully in her own private practice for 15 years. She then was sought out by the Cleveland Clinic, as an expert in yoga and chronic pain to co-write a curriculum for a disease reversal program. That program laid the groundwork for some of the programs at the Center for Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine. 

Judi Bar specializes in yoga to treat chronic pain and illness, including post-liver transplant. She developed a specialized yoga program for patients, caregivers and families. Her unique yoga style is a heart-centered approach that is inclusive and accessible to everyone, even those not comfortable in a traditional yoga class. This style is also used in the Cleveland Clinic Caregiver Wellness Programs for our employees. 

She was part of a Cleveland Clinic team involved in a Multiple Sclerosis study proposing that yoga, breath and meditation can support improved walking and balance. Judi also developed a protocol for a patient-directed recovery: A cost effective and drug free method for post liver transplant for patients and caregivers. She was voted Best Yoga Teacher in Cleveland in 2008. She presented internationally as a featured speaker at the International Association of Yoga Therapists and nationally for the Clinic on Chronic Pain, Yoga and the Endocrine System. In December 2015, Judi was featured in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the Cleveland Clinic's Annual Preventive, Lifestyle, and Integrative Medicine Conference. She provided yoga classes for the attendees and a workshop teaching caregivers how to do short yoga breaks for their team. Judi has been featured in Yoga Journal, the leading yoga magazine in the country and regularly on various local and national media outlets, both broadcast and print. In 2017, she received a certification from the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Presently, she is the creator and Program Director for Cleveland Clinic School of Yoga, established June 2015. Judi sits on the panel of experts for several blogs for social media and events for the Clinic. She has two yoga DVDs, Come As You Are Yoga and Come As You Are Yoga: in Nature making yoga available to all.

Linda Baron, E-RYT 500

Linda Baron, E RYT 500

Linda Baron is a Yoga Specialist at the Faculty of Cleveland Clinic School of Yoga, and a Reiki Master. She has a thirty-year career working with those who have a wide range of abilities, including cerebral palsy.

"I learned to value both functional movement and the inherent joy that life offers. I had an affinity towards my first yoga practice back in 1973 which placed me on a lifelong path of self-discovery. Yoga, meditation and good nutrition together continues to keep the wind in my sails as I navigate through life with a joyful and open heart. Sharing this all inclusive practice to enhance one's life is simply pure grace."

Paula Brown, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT

Paula Brown, E RYT 500 

Paula Brown is a Yoga Specialist at the Faculty of Cleveland Clinic School of Yoga and a Reiki Practitioner. Her interests are heart-centered yoga, stress management, mindfulness, psychological effects of health issues, along with abuse and trauma survivors. In 2017, she received a certification from the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Kim Kasicky RN, RYT 200

Kim Kasicky RN, RYT 200

Kim Kasicky is a Yoga Specialist for Cleveland Clinic, Instructor for the Cleveland Clinic School of Yoga and Reiki II certified. Her interests include, inclusive yoga for everyone, supporting physical health challenges, stress and self-confidence.

Julie Schlemmer, E-RYT 500

Juliane Schlemmer 

Julie Schlemmer is a Yoga Specialist with Cleveland Clinic Wellness & Preventive Medicine. Julie believes that everybody deserves to feel the benefits of yoga. Her current classes offer a mixture of many different styles: flow, specialty focused, and chair yoga. Each style supports a strong approach toward alignment and, of course, fun and playfulness. No two classes are ever exactly the same and she welcomes you to join her no matter where you are on your path toward health and wellness.

Sally Sherwin, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT

Sally Sherwin, E RYT 500 

Sally Sherwin is a Yoga Specialist, on the staff and faculty of Cleveland Clinic School of Yoga, and a Reiki Master. Her interests include stress management, chronic pain, minfulness and meditation, and heart-centered yoga. Sally loves that every time she practices yoga, it’s a whole new adventure. She believes in an affirming and compassionate practice that meets you where you are. Her teaching style blends traditional and modern forms of yoga that create connection in the body, breath, and mind to help build strength, flexibility, and focus. Sally is passionate about helping participants have fun, reduce stress, feel better, and reconnect to what truly inspires them. In 2017, she received a certification from the International Association of Yoga Therapists.