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Learn more about Cleveland Clinic initiatives to prevent illness and foster health.

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As one of the world's most respected academic medical centers, we see first hand the consequences of certain preventable conditions and their effects on the healthcare system. Cleveland Clinic's Wellness Institute is dedicated to helping our patients, our community members, and our employees achieve optimal well-being and a high quality of life. We do this by combining world-class medical care and quality wellness programs to change unhealthy behaviors and to make healthy life choices.

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Executive Health Program, Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness Store Online

Executive Health Program | Cleveland Clinic

Executive Health Program

The Executive Health Program is geared to discover potential health programs, target, reduce and eliminate medical risk factors and promote wellness.

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Integrative Medicine | Cleveland Clinic

Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine

Integrative Medicine combines the best of modern medicine with evidence-based complementary approaches to prevention and healing.

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Wellness Resources | Cleveland Clinic

Patient Resources

Find helpful wellness resources from Cleveland Clinic including recipes, webchats, videos, events, newsletters and more!

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Wellness Stores

Wellness Stores

Learn more about our Wellness Stores that provide approved health and wellness products to inspire you to live a happier and healthier life.

Patient Stories

Patient Stories

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Shared Medical Appointment Helps Professor Find Zen and Get Healthy

Oct 1, 2016

“I’d often thought about doing things to be healthier, but didn’t take action. During the group visits, everything started to come together. Dr. Golubic discussed the connections between your mind and your health, and why it’s important to eat a healthy diet. This all-inclusive way of looking at things just made sense.”
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Diabetic Police Officer Helps Promote Wellness

Apr 11, 2016

“This program kept me on track, held me accountable and challenged me daily.”
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The Power Behind Yoga

Apr 8, 2016

“Yoga takes care of everything for me — mind, body and spirit— and I want to enlighten others."
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