What is TRIM-LIFE?
TRIM-LIFE is a six-week integrative medical weight management program offered in a shared appointment setting. Our unique program will empower you to manage both your hunger and your weight by addressing body, mind and spirit. You will begin to adopt a brand new relationship with food. If you feel trapped in a cycle of binge eating due to food restriction and fears of deprivation, our program will also help you.

What can I expect from TRIM-LIFE sessions?
In TRIM-LIFE, you will learn mindfulness, relaxation and yoga techniques during three-hour weekly sessions. We will also teach you powerful hypnotic tools. The goals are to help participants reduce stress eating, abandon yo-yo dieting and overcome food addictions.

How do mindfulness and relaxation lead to weight loss?
Our mindfulness and relaxation techniques will allow you to change the inner programming that can make sustained weight loss a challenge. We will help you re-regulate your metabolism to burn “hotter,” releasing unnecessary weight. Our TRIM-LIFE program can also help you identify and release feelings that promote cravings and unhealthy eating behaviors. You will learn to identify what you are truly hungry for, and to work on attracting that into your life.

How does hypnosis help to manage weight?
Our TRIM-LIFE practitioners use hypnosis, or hypnotherapy, to help you shrink your stomach to its normal size. This will help you feel satisfied with smaller portions. Hypnosis will also help you eliminate the desire for foods that poison your body. We also use hypnotherapy to pair any triggers for binge-eating behavior with unpleasant associations in your subconscious.

What Can I Expect?

What Can I Expect?

How will I be able maintain progress?
Every TRIM-LIFE participant receives a workbook, along with CD recordings. These will help to reinforce your healthy new lifestyle choices at home. Once you enroll in the program, you will also be invited to join a TRIM-LIFE support group that meets every two months.

Is TRIM-LIFE covered by insurance?
Shared medical appointments are covered by most insurance plans. Participants are responsible for insurance co-pays for each weekly session, and for a one-time $75.00 charge for program materials. (There is no copay for the physician component of this program for Cleveland Clinic employees on the CCF Employee Health Plan.)

Where is TRIM-LIFE offered?
TRIM-LIFE appointments are offered at the The Center for Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine, in the serene surroundings of the Wellness Institute at Cleveland Clinic Lyndhurst Campus, Willoughby Hills Family Health Center and at the Strongsville Family Health and Surgery Center.

When is TRIM-LIFE offered?
The six-week program meets for 3 hours on the same day/time each week.

For a list of available start dates, call 216.448.4325, option 4.

TRIM-LIFE® was designed by the late Tanya I. Edwards, MD, of the The Center for Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine, and Diane Zimberoff, LMFT, of the Wellness Institute of Issaquah, Wash.