College Now Greater Cleveland Mentoring Program

College Now Greater Cleveland Mentoring Program

Program Description

This is a voluntary mentoring partnership in which one person (the mentor) provides guidance, support and friendship to another person (the student) through his/her college journey. The program pairs College Now scholarship recipients with professionals in the Cleveland area. Mentors support their mentees throughout their college careers by helping them navigate any obstacles they may face that will prevent them from graduating. The structure of the program is very simple and easy to fit into the busy schedules of both working professionals and college students.

Outline of the Program

Throughout their time together, pairs are asked to exchange two messages a month through an online platform and meet at least three times a year. College Now program staff provide guidance and reminders for communication and plan several events during the academic year to help pairs arrange in person meetings.

Mentor must hold a college degree, pass a background check completed by College Now, and have reliable access to the Internet.


The last three years of the program saw impressive results: 72% of students in the pilot class graduated on-time with their degrees, compared to only 42% of their peers nationally. This is due to the added support our students receive from mentors and College Now throughout the mentoring program. The time commitment is minimal (minimum of 2 hours per month), and the program is life-changing.

In the words of a current mentor, "[the program] has allowed me to make a friend that I not only can talk to about the little day to day experiences, but also be a part of some of the most defining years of her life. I've also learned a lot about myself and my own personal growth in the process; I can't recommend being a mentor highly enough!"

The College Now program works with approximately 100 students every year who are pursuing a career in nursing, yet only 25 mentors currently in the program have any nursing experience. Please consider paying it forward and working with a young person starting out on their journey to become a nurse.

For questions, please visit the program’s website or contact Madeline Rife or 216.635.0163.

New Graduate Nurse Resident Alumni Advisor Program

New Graduate Nurse Resident Alumni Advisor Program

Program Description

This is a voluntary advisory partnership in which one person (the resident alumni) provides support and encouragement to another (new nurse resident). This advisor will be seen as a one who has just completed the same transition to practice journey and as a result has awareness and empathy for what the new nurse resident is experiencing. They also provide a beacon of encouragement as they have successfully completed their first year as a nurse.

Benefits of the Program

To the Advisor

  • Personal satisfaction.
  • Provides the advisor the ability to give back to the nursing community.
  • Fosters professional pride.

To the Advisee

  • Provides a sounding board during the first year transitioning to RN practice.
  • Develops networking relationships.

To Cleveland Clinic

  • Contributes to new caregiver engagement and cultivates successful new graduate RN transitions.
  • Aligns with the Office of Caregiver Experience’s desire to support Caregiver wellbeing by providing support during a stressful time in a new nurse’s career.

Program Procedure

Enterprise Residency Support Team

  • Advertise program among residents and at final residency day to nurse resident alumni
  • Provide recommendation for advisor/advisee pairing.

Residency Program Coordinator

  • Manages advisor/advisee communication.
  • Manages database of pairings.
  • Pushes out CNE information to advisors as thank you for their volunteer service.
  • Manages/compiles survey data from program.

Advisor – Provides support to new graduate nurses as they negotiate their first year as an RN

  • Commits to establishing a regular touch-point time and method with advisee.
  • Communicates at least monthly using advisee’s preferred mode of contact/connecting.
  • Listens intently as advisee shares experiences.
  • Shares experiences and lessons learned.
  • Acts as a sounding board for ideas, struggles, and progress.
  • Acknowledges and affirms advisee’s successes.
  • Follows through on commitments.
  • Agrees to complete pre/post program survey.

Advisee – Commits to the following

  • Checks in with advisor as frequently as desired but at a minimum monthly.
  • Demonstrates an openness to learning from advisor’s experiences.
  • Leverages the advisor as a sounding board.
  • Follows through on commitments.
  • Agrees to complete pre/post program survey.

Advisee Program

Advisors are those who have just completed their first year as an RN and the New Graduate Nurse Residency Program.

In order to recognize the advisor’s voluntary service – free on-line CNE offerings via MyLearning will be recommended throughout their year as an advisor. These are voluntary but the CNEs can be used to meet licensure renewal requirements. Topics will include but are not limited to the following:

  • Handling difficult questions.
  • Becoming an active listener.
  • Engaging in Socratic dialogue.
  • Getting the most out of digital communication.
  • Building your professional network.

Advisee Program Introduction

  • Program introduction - Residency day 1.
  • Information sheet and request form for advisor distribution - Residency day 1.
  • Request for advisor form - Returned by email.
  • Final pairing communication managed by enterprise residency support team and residency coordinator.

Advisor Recruitment

  • Program introduction - Final ERST meeting.
  • Advisor interest form distribution - Final residency day.
  • Advisor interest form - Returned by email.
  • Final pairing communication managed by enterprise residency support team and residency coordinator.

For more information, please contact Angela Dancik at