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Educational Opportunities

Cleveland Clinic offers numerous opportunities for nursing students, including our graduate, undergraduate and nurse scholar programs; as well as career resources for high school students. Cleveland Clinic is proud to once again be recognized by the National League for Nursing as a Center of excellence in creating workplace environments that promote the academic progression of nurses.
For Students

ASPIRE Nurse Scholars Program

This enrichment program is designed for high school juniors interested in pursuing a career in nursing.

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ASPIRE Pathways Program

This enrichment program is designed for high school juniors interested in pursuing a career in healthcare.

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High School Students

Learn about high school senior projects, shadowing opportunities and the ASPIRE program at Cleveland Clinic's Nursing Institute

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College Students

Learn about our Nurse Associate Externship, Accelerate your Practice Classes and additional resources for college students.

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Clinical and Practicum Nursing Students

Interested in a clinical or practicum nursing rotation? At Cleveland Clinic, we help over 6,000 undergraduate nursing students each year develop the skills they need to pursue a nursing career.

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Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Shadows (APRN)

Learn more about our program for currently licensed registered nurses to participate in a 2-4 hour shadowing experience with a nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, or certified registered nurse anesthetist.

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New Graduates & Experienced Nurses

Learn about the Residency Program and APRN Shadow for new graduates and experienced nurses.

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Graduate Students

Learn about Graduate Student Placement at Cleveland Clinic's Nursing Institute.

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CRNA School Information

Learn more about The Cleveland Clinic School of Anesthesia for Nurses that was founded in 1968 to address the chronic shortage of nurse anesthetists in Cleveland.

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