Cleveland Clinic provides an array of clinical experiences that foster innovation and learning. These hands-on experiences play an integral part in student learning, and the Center for Health Sciences Education is happy to support this process.

Our center is committed to improving communication and streamlining the onboarding of health sciences students for academic affiliates from all over the country. As part of this effort, we have implemented an electronic onboarding process. We hope you will find this resource beneficial.

Diversity Statement

The Center for Health Sciences Education and Cleveland Clinic are committed to valuing all people throughout our organization, regardless of background or culture. A diverse and inclusive environment for students and staff and culturally appropriate care for our patients, are essential to fulfilling our vision to be the best place for care anywhere and the best place to work in healthcare. We welcome students from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

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If you have any questions regarding the onboarding process or clinical experiences, please contact the Center for Health Sciences Education at [email protected].



After clinical placement is confirmed by your academic institution and Cleveland Clinic*, you will be required to complete an electronic onboarding and orientation process. An email will be sent to you to begin this process. This process will be initiated by  your academic institution. An email will be sent to you when you are able to begin onboarding. 

In order to ensure a safe environment for patients, employees and other visitors, these requirements must be completed during onboarding:

  1. Update and verify your personal information 
  2. Review Cleveland Clinic's mission, vision, and values
  3. Review Cleveland Clinic policies
  4. Sign a student confidentially statement and waiver
  5. Meet all health and background check requirements
  6. Complete online coursework
  7. Obtain a student ID badge

Thank you for your interest in establishing a clinical rotation at Cleveland Clinic.

*If you do not already have clinical placement, please contact your academic representative to make arrangements. To complete a student rotation at Cleveland Clinic, an Affiliation Agreement must exist between Cleveland Clinic and your academic institution. Therefore, all clinical placements are arranged between the academic institution's representative and Cleveland Clinic.

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Academic Representatives

Academic Representatives

Clinical Placement and Onboarding Instructions

Step 1: Verify Affiliation Agreement

Verify that a current Affiliation Agreement exists between Cleveland Clinic and your academic institution. If you are unsure whether or not an Affiliation Agreement exists between your institution and Cleveland Clinic, please contact [email protected].

Step 2: Arrange Clinical Placement

Placements can ONLY be arranged by an academic representative after an affiliation agreement is fully executed between Cleveland Clinic and the academic institution. The Center for Health Sciences Education does not make arrangements for placement. Clinical placements are made with a designated education representative for the individual discipline. Please contact the Center for Health Sciences Education if you have questions about who the designated contact is for your discipline. Do not reach out to individual Cleveland Clinic caregivers to request placements. Additionally, students are not permitted to request clinical placements with Cleveland Clinic.

Step 3: Complete the Student Clinical Onboarding Form

This form (below) must be completed by the Academic Program Director or another academic representative after clinical placement has been arranged and student health and background check requirements are met. This form is not to be completed by students.

Resuming Health Sciences Education Onboarding

Health Sciences Education Onboarding

Important Information for Clinical Rotations:

  • Student rotations are to be confirmed with discipline-specific education coordinators.
  • Once placement is confirmed, an onboarding form must be submitted. This is to be submitted regardless of whether the student's placement is a continuation or a brand new placement.
  • As a part of onboarding, all health science students will be required to complete a COVID-19 screening. Students exhibiting fevers and/or COVID symptoms must undergo testing before being allowed to commence their rotation.
  • Students will be required to comply with Cleveland Clinic regulations related to PPE including masks and face shields. Students should communicate with their preceptors prior to arriving at their clinical rotations to receive specific instructions on current PPE regulations.

Please Note: Pharmacy academic programs can obtain information and direction about pharmacy rotations by reaching out directly to Cleveland Clinic Pharmacy Education. Nursing education does not fall under the umbrella of the Center for Health Sciences Education. Please consult directly with the Nursing Institute for information about Cleveland Clinic nursing education.

Step 4: Complete the Electronic Onboarding Process

After we have received the completed Student Clinical Onboarding form, the student and academic representative will receive login information to begin the electronic onboarding process.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the onboarding process or clinical experiences, please contact the Center for Health Sciences Education at [email protected].

SilkRoad Onboarding form

Please Note: This form must be completed at least two weeks before the rotation start date.

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Onboarding Requirements and Forms

Onboarding Requirements and Forms

Health Requirements:

  • A negative two‐step Mantoux test (TB test), QuantiFERON®-TB Gold test, or T-Spot test within 1 year before the start date of the clinical rotation with annual updates while in the clinical portion of training.
  • Appropriate immunizations for measles (Rubeola), mumps, German measles (Rubella), chicken pox (Varicella), Tdap booster within the last 10 years, positive Hepatitis B IgG Antibody Titer or signed declination form assuming the risk of exposure; and compliance with any future tests required by Cleveland Clinic.
  • Students are to obtain the Influenza (Flu) Vaccine during flu season (November 1 - March 31) or provide a verifiable medical exemption per the CCF Student Immunization Policy.

CPR Requirement:

  • If CPR is required by the academic program, students and on‐site academic clinical faculty must have a current American Heart Association Healthcare Provider Basic Life Support CPR course certification.

Negative Background Check

  • Ensure each student has a negative fingerprint background check. (An Ohio BCI&I fingerprint background check is acceptable for students who have been an Ohio resident in the last five (5) years. If a student has not been a resident of Ohio during the past five (5) years, the student must have a negative FBI fingerprint background check.
  • If there is a positive finding on the background check, please contact the Center for Health Sciences Education at [email protected]. They will initiate a background check to be completed by Cleveland Clinic. Do NOT proceed with onboarding until your receive confirmation of a cleared background check from Cleveland Clinic.

Core Compliance Courses

  • COVID-19 Caregiver Safety
  • Following Our Standards and Ethics
  • Healthcare Response to Intimate Partner Violence
  • Harassment-free Workplace
  • Keeping Our Patients Healthy and Safe
  • Keeping Our Workplace Safe
  • Preventing Infection
  • Promoting Diversity and Inclusion
  • Securing Our Data and Information
  • Taking Action in an Emergency