Cleveland Clinic is seeking applicants for its world-first Lymphatic Supermicrosurgery Fellowship Program. Directed by internationally recognized master surgeons, this one-year fellowship is a rare opportunity to learn the most refined techniques in the most advanced discipline of reconstructive surgery.

Prerequisite training/selection criteria

  • Required: Applicants must have completed a plastic surgery residency training program and the three-step United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE).
  • Preferred: 
    • Previous Training: Candidates who have completed a microsurgery fellowship training program will be given preference, although it is not a mandatory requirement.
    • Dedication to Mastery: Seeking ambitious candidates who are ready to learn from experienced mentors and push the boundaries of what’s possible in human surgery.
    • Aspiring Leaders: Designed for surgeons who aim to influence and shape the field, this program is best for those who aspire to drive the future of surgical excellence.

Goals and objectives for training

  • Rigorous, High-Volume Training: Achieve proficiency in supermicrosurgery, a discipline demanding precision on structures as small as 100 micrometers. Receive mentorship from globally recognized surgeons who are leading figures in the field.
  • Innovative Research: Participate in groundbreaking research, including developing new surgical techniques and investigating complex lymphatic disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, central lymphatic anomalies and lymphedema in the head, neck and genitalia. 
  • Exclusive Opportunity: Among the few experienced supermicrosurgery centers globally, this fellowship offers an exclusive gateway for career advancement in a niche, yet profoundly impactful surgical field.
  • Commitment to Innovation: Be part of pioneering research, making significant trailblazing contributions to lymphatic supermicrosurgery.

How to apply

Joining this fellowship is more than an education journey; it’s a step towards becoming a contributor in a challenging, yet rewarding field. To pursue this opportunity, please submit a letter of intent, curriculum vitae, and three professional references to Program Director Wei Chen, MD at chenw6@ccf.org.

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