Basic and clinical research have been fundamental to the mission of Cleveland Clinic since its establishment in 1921.

Today, the rate of discovery in the basic sciences and clinical medicine is accelerating rapidly. Combined with ever-expanding information technology, we are able to produce new knowledge on a historically unprecedented scale. As a major center of patient care activity, research and physician education, Cleveland Clinic is well-positioned to leverage this avalanche of new knowledge for the advancement of medicine and the benefit of humanity.

Basic Research

At Cleveland Clinic, basic scientific research is conducted both in clinical department research labs and at the Lerner Research Institute. As well, many Clinic staff members hold joint appointments in a clinical department and at the research institute.

The Lerner Research Institute is one of the largest private research facilities in the country. Based on the yearly amount of NIH funding awarded, the Cleveland Clinic Research Institute ranks in close company with the Salk Institute, the Whitehead Institute, the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, the Wistar Institute and the Fox-Chase Cancer Center.

Clinical Research

Each year thousands of patients are referred to Cleveland Clinic for leading-edge medical care and participation in clinical trials.

Cleveland Clinic's Institutional Review Board ensures the safety of all individuals participating in clinical trials. Cleveland Clinic's IRB is made up of physicians, nurses, bioethicists, attorneys, a social worker and lay members, and their activities are monitored by the FDA.

Areas of major clinical research include:

  • Breast reconstruction including reconstruction of partial mastectomy defects
  • Skin-sparing and nipple-sparing mastectomy
  • Minimally invasive techniques in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery
  • Outcome data in aesthetic facial surgery, and aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery
  • Bone substitutes
  • Craniofacial biology including molding helmets in craniosynostosis
  • Peripheral nerve disorders and diabetic retinopathy

A list of clinical trials seeking volunteers is available through the Cleveland Clinic Health Information Center. To determine if a specific clinical department is offering clinical trials, check the department's Web site or call the department's main number or Cleveland Clinic's main telephone number 216.444.2200.