Global Patient Services

Global Patient Services is a free phone resource that assists individuals facing a challenging healthcare situation. We connect them with a nurse to help them understand their healthcare options.

The goal of Global Patient Services is to provide callers with information about the healthcare options available to them either locally (i.e. here at our clinic or elsewhere in the city/province at an appropriate healthcare facility), or, as necessary at our main campus in Cleveland, Ohio.

We take the time to answer your health questions and provide the guidance needed to help you get care as soon as possible. If a patient decides to go outside of Canada for treatment at one of our other Cleveland Clinic facilities, the Global Patient Services team will help prepare the patient for their trip, including travel planning, appointment booking and cost estimates.

Ideal for

Canadians exploring medical care options available to them either locally or at another Cleveland Clinic facility.


  • Complimentary referral and concierge services
  • A Cleveland Clinic Canada nurse is available to listen to your situation, answer your questions and provide you with the best options available at Cleveland Clinic
  • Each patient will be assigned a Patient Services Coordinator who will provide assistance from start to finish


Patients are responsible for the cost of medical care, travel, and hotel expenses.

Program Details

If you choose to travel to Cleveland, Ohio for care, Global Patient Services can assist you with the following:

  • Assign you a personal Patient Services Coordinator who will assist you with your appointments and concierge needs.
  • Schedule medical appointments
  • Confirm airline reservations
  • Arrange for hotel and car rental if necessary
  • Provide ground transportation from the airport
  • Estimate cost of healthcare services
  • Assist with financial and billing arrangements
  • Have your Patient Services Coordinator accompany you at the hospital and be there for your medical appointments
  • Provide an interpreter for language assistance
  • Assist with hospital admissions and follow-up medical visits
  • Ensure you understand instructions from your physicians
  • Provide information on local activities for your family
  • Update cost estimates of services
  • Assist with finances and billing
  • Assist with online access to MyChart, your electronic medical record
  • Help obtain copies of medical reports/films after consultations are completed
  • Assist with prescription requests
  • Facilitate communication with Cleveland Clinic physicians if further information is needed
  • Assist with finances and billing

Their goal is to make your trip as pleasant as possible. You will be assigned a Patient Services Coordinator who will assist you from start to finish.