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Creating a Birth Plan

What is a birth plan?

A birth plan is a simple, clear, one-page statement of an expectant mother’s preferences for her birth experience. Copies of a birth plan may be added to an expectant mother’s medical records, sent to the hospital or birth center, and/or given to the person who is acting as the pregnant woman’s birth coach.

What should be included in a birth plan?

The birth plan should include the patient’s name and due date, the primary support person for the patient in labor, the name of doula, if used, the hospital name where the delivery is to take place, and the name of the expectant mother’s midwife or doctor. The plan should indicate the expectant mother’s preferences during the stages of labor and delivery regarding:

What are the benefits of having a birth plan?

A birth plan can inform health care providers about what an expectant mother is hoping for during labor and delivery. In addition, such a plan can help an expectant mother to feel confident and in control, as much as possible. A plan also can help her be part of the decision-making process, even when unexpected events occur. It is important to remember that this plan needs to be flexible to accommodate the unexpected.


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