What is a blood transfusion?

A blood transfusion is a common procedure in which donated blood or blood components are given to you through an intravenous line (IV). A blood transfusion is given to replace blood and blood components that may be too low.

Why might I need to get a blood transfusion?

A blood transfusion can save your life. You may need a blood transfusion if you've lost blood from an injury or during surgery, or if you have certain medical conditions including:

What are blood components?

In addition to whole blood, a transfusion can provide certain blood components, or parts. These components include:

  • Cryoprecipitate: Helps your blood clot.
  • Plasma: Carries nutrients your body needs.
  • Platelets: Help your blood clot.
  • Red blood cells: Carry oxygen throughout your body.

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