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Bariatric & Metabolic Institute

Cleveland Clinic's bariatric weight loss program is focused on addressing obesity with modern treatment strategies, research and education.
The Treatment Plan That’s Right for You
Why The Choose Bariatric & Metabolic Institute | Cleveland Clinic

The Treatment Plan That’s Right for You

At Cleveland Clinic, our dedicated multidisciplinary team of dietitians, psychologists, surgeons, and medical specialists are committed to tailoring a personalized weight loss plan that's right for you.

Explore our programs that includes weight loss surgery, endoscopic procedures, medical weight loss, lifestyle strategies and more.

Let our experts provide guidance and expertise on the best plan for you.

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Considering a Bariatric Weight Loss Procedure?

Considering a Bariatric Weight Loss Procedure?

Join a Virtual Seminar

Our seminar is designed to help you make an informed decision about weight loss surgery. Take the opportunity to hear from clinical experts and directly ask questions about options from the comfort of your home.

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Watch the Online Seminar

Our online seminar is available to complete at your convenience and is a required step to be considered for surgery. After you've finished, you will need to answer a few questions to ensure you understood.

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Read More From Our Experts

Find trusted advice from Cleveland Clinic weight loss experts, including maintaining a healthy diet, managing your overall health and how to determine if weight loss surgery is right for you.

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Why Choose The Bariatric & Metabolic Institute

Why Choose the Bariatric & Metabolic Institute?

Our pioneering surgeons perform more than 95 percent of all procedures with minimally invasive (laparoscopic) techniques, improving our patients' healing and recovery time. Last year, we performed our highest number of bariatric operations, providing 1,100 patients with the opportunity to live happier and healthier lives. The level of support provided at Cleveland Clinic’s Bariatric & Metabolic Institute is unparalleled. Each patient is assigned a patient navigator, who serve as a single point of contact throughout your weight loss surgery journey, offering encouragement and support every step of the way.

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Online Virtual Visits

Online Virtual Visits

You can stay connected to your healthcare team though virtual visits, using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Ask your provider about what options are available.

Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Tiffany Orr pre-weight loss surgery (left) and post weight loss surgery (right)

Bariatric Surgery, Focus on Mental Health, Help Patient Exceed Weight Loss Goal

Apr 10, 2024

“If not for the surgery and getting help with the mental aspect of food addiction, I’d have been going in circles for years to come.”
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Gordon Dakin (right) with his two children

Weight Loss Surgery Patient Gains a New Perspective on Life

Mar 18, 2024

”I want to ensure my health so I can be a part of their future.“
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Jeananne Kilbel before her surgery

Woman Loses 112 Pounds and Reverses Diabetes After Weight-Loss Surgery

Dec 14, 2023

“I don’t let plateaus on the scale frustrate me anymore. I know it’s a journey.”
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