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Billing & Insurance

Fairview Hospital Patient Financial Services Department promises to make the billing process as easy as possible. We want to make sure you receive the full benefits of your insurance coverage as well as consideration under our financial assistance programs, if applicable.

Here are some other things you can expect from us:

  • Billing directly to insurance providers
  • Before we bill you, we bill your insurance provider, including Medicare and Medicaid, and any secondary insurance providers.
  • Billing statements in plain language
  • You will receive easy-to-understand billing statements showing the most current balance owed by your insurance provider as well as any balance due from you.
  • World-class customer service and financial counseling
  • Our billing representatives are happy to answer your billing questions and help with payment issues. Our billing representatives also can help you apply for financial assistance programs, including the Fairview Hospital financial assistance program.

Remember, if you have questions, please call us. We're here to help.

How You Can Help

At Fairview Hospital, we are committed to making the billing process as patient-friendly as possible.
Here are some ways you can help the billing process go smoothly:

  • Please give us complete health insurance information when you check in for your appointment.
  • In addition to insurance cards and authorization forms, we may ask for a driver's license or other identification. If you have been seen at Fairview Hospital before, let us know if your personal or insurance information has changed since your last visit.
  • Please understand and follow the requirements of your health plan
  • Be sure to know your benefits, obtain proper authorization for services, submit referral or claim forms, or fill out a coordination of benefits form, if necessary. Also, know that many insurance plans require patients to pay a co-payment or deductible amount that may be due at the time of registration, at the time of service or discharge from the hospital. You are responsible for paying co-payments required by your insurance provider, and Fairview Hospital is responsible for collecting co-payments.
  • Please respond promptly to any requests from your insurance provider
  • Insurance benefits are the result of your contract with your insurance company. We are a third-party to those benefits and may need your help with your insurance. If your insurance provider has not paid us after a reasonable time (usually 60 days after billing) and has not responded to our attempts to resolve payment on your behalf, the amount owed may become your responsibility.
  • If you have a balance due on a bill, please make timely payments
  • It is important you pay “what you owe now” as noted on your billing statement. Do not wait for your insurance company to pay “pending” balances.
  • Call us if you have any questions or concerns about a bill

Billing representatives are available by calling 216.636.8010 or toll-free 800.308.0871 weekdays between 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Hospital Charges

The State of Ohio requires that the hospitals provide a list of charges on their website. These charges are the same for all patients who receive the listed services; what you actually will pay will depend on your insurance coverage.