Union Hospital’s Stroke Center is committed to helping lower the incidence of strokes – a dangerous affliction that strikes more than a half-million Americans each year. To that end, we've dramatically improved our ability to treat stroke with the launch of Cleveland Clinic telestroke service, a tele-medicine connection between Union Hospital and nationally recognized Cleveland Clinic Cerebrovascular Center.

Stroke Certification

After successful use of Cleveland Clinic’s Telestroke Network and meeting the rigorous standards for training, equipment, and staffing, Union Hospital has achieved the status of Certified Primary Stroke Center. The certification is given by DNV, the hospital's accrediting organization.

In addition, Union Hospital is a Primary Stroke Center, certified by The Joint Commission. This signifies that Union Hospital has met stringent national stroke care standards. As a Certified Stroke Center, Union Hospital is held to the highest standards in the areas of quality and patient safety, which means the best care for your family. In 2023, Union Hospital received the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association's Get with the Guidelines® Rural Stroke Bronze Award.

Union Hospital is one of 14 Cleveland Clinic locations to have earned a stroke certification from The Joint Commission.



Within minutes of a patient's arrival at the Union Hospital Emergency Department, a CT scan of the brain will be done and sent electronically to Cleveland Clinic’s Cerebrovascular Center. Telestroke equipment, including high-resolution cameras and communication devices, are brought into the room, and create a virtual bedside presence involving Cleveland Clinic stroke experts.

A member of Cleveland Clinic's team of stroke specialists can see and talk with a patient, conduct a patient examination along with a Union physician and nurse, and then help meet the need for fast treatment decisions to control advancing tissue damage.

Typically, care and treatment of the patient will continue at Union Hospital, however, the collaboration with Cleveland Clinic allows us to provide immediate transfer of the patient to Cleveland if surgical intervention is necessary.

Union Hospital’s Emergency Department works closely with the highly acclaimed board-certified specialists and sub-specialists at Cleveland Clinic in the following stroke treatment categories:

  • Vascular neurologists.
  • Endovascular neurosurgeons.
  • Interventional neurologists and neuroradiologists with training in neurosurgery, radiology and neurology.
  • Neurointensivists (physicians specially trained in neurocritical care).
  • Pediatric stroke neurologists.
  • Stroke rehabilitation specialists.

In addition, Cleveland Clinic's Cerebrovascular Center has received national awards and certifications, recognizing its rigorous stroke care protocol that meets or exceeds national standards and guidelines that improve outcomes.

Diagnostic tools such as brain image scans help guide treatment, and neurologists conduct fast but thorough patient evaluations.

Recovery & Rehabilitation

Recovery & Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation begins at the inpatient stage and continues on an outpatient basis, involving an interdisciplinary team that may include psychiatrists, neurologists, rehabilitation nurses, physical and occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, psychologists, social workers, recreational therapists and case managers.

Union Hospital offers high-quality rehabilitation services. Our 12-bed Inpatient Rehabilitation Center provides comprehensive medical care and daily therapy services to help stroke patients prepare for discharge to their home.

During the inpatient stage, rehabilitation may involve activities in our dedicated rehabilitation facility. After dismissal, patients may be involved in a specific rehabilitation program at our UH Healthplex facility on the Union Hospital campus. Healthplex is a state-of-the-art facility operated by experts in the field of rehabilitation, sports medicine and fitness.

From home, many patients continue their stroke rehabilitation as outpatients at our Healthplex facility. This state-of-the-art center has helped thousands of patients with skilled physical, occupational and speech therapy services.

To learn more about inpatient rehabilitation, call 330.365.3806.