Patient Referrals

Patients will complete a medical interview over the phone with a member of the pre-transplant department staff. A letter will be sent to the patient and referring physician indicating the routine health maintenance testing necessary prior to beginning the evaluation process. The most efficient way to progress through the evaluation is to have this testing completed prior to the initial evaluation appointments. Testing completed within the past year is acceptable (PAP test & colonoscopy may be longer depending upon results/recommendations).

Our secure online service, DrConnect, provides referring physicians access to patient’s treatment progress with streamlined communication from Cleveland Clinic physicians to your office, allowing continued participation in the ongoing care of patients. With the best possible treatment plans and coordinated care, our team approach benefits both the patient and the referring physician.

Transplant Evaluation

Patients will be scheduled to see the transplant team to assess their candidacy for transplant. Based upon the physicians’ findings during the evaluation appointments, additional testing and consultations may be needed. Once the evaluation is complete, the physician will review the patient’s chart and then discuss it during the Kidney and Pancreas Selection Committee meeting. The committee consists of surgeons, nephrologists, social workers, transplant coordinators, a dietitian, a pharmacist, a cardiologist, and a member of the bioethics committee. The selection committee may approve the patient for listing, require additional information prior to making a decision, or determine that the patient is not a candidate for transplantation. The patient, referring physician, and dialysis unit (if applicable) will be notified by letter of the committee’s decision.

Once a patient has been approved for transplant listing, OSOTC approval will be obtained. Insurance authorization will also be obtained if required prior to being placed on the national transplant waiting list.

Waiting for Transplant

Once patients have been placed on the transplant waiting list, it is important that the pancreas transplant program be notified of any changes in the patient’s condition.

It is also important for the transplant program to receive any updated testing that has been performed on the patient, such as stress tests, cardiac catheterization, carotid ultrasound, CT scans, etc. These results should be faxed to the transplant program at 216.445.8141.

It is very important that patients waiting for transplant contact our office with any changes in their address or phone number. Patients must also contact our Financial Coordinator at 216.445.9754 with any changes in their insurance coverage.