The Heart Transplant Team is a group of physicians, surgeons, nurses, dietitians, exercise physiologists, social workers, and other healthcare specialists who are experts in the field of heart transplantation.

Cleveland Clinic's Transplant Team is dedicated to a coordinated approach to the care of the transplant patient.

  • If you are a transplant recipient and you or your local cardiologist have questions or concerns related to transplantation, please contact your transplant physician at Cleveland Clinic.
  • Following transplant, any medical problems, questions, outpatient appointments, biopsy results, medication changes, etc. post-transplant will be handled by the transplant coordinators, extension 56590. The office number is 800.223.2273 (ext. 56590) or 216.445.6590.
  • If personnel are unavailable, please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible. Messages are checked frequently during the day.
  • If you have medical difficulties at night or on the weekend, please call the Cleveland Clinic at 216.444.2200 or 800.223.2273 and ask for the cardiology fellow "On-Call". Tell the doctor you are a heart transplant patient. He/she will contact your cardiologist and give you further instructions. If you have an urgent medical problem, you should go to your local emergency room immediately.
  • If you would like to refer yourself or a patient, please contact the Pre-Transplant Office 216.444.8351 or 800.223.2273 ext. 48351.


  • Medical Director, Heart Transplantation: Randall Starling, MD, MPH, FACC Head, Section of Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplant Medicine, Robert and Suzanne Tomsich Department of Cardiovascular Medicine

Heart Transplant Surgeons:

Heart Transplant Physicians:

Nurse Management

  • Nurse Manager: Tiffany Buda, RN, BSN
  • Assistant Nurse Manager: Kristin Ludrosky, RN, BSN, CCTC

Inpatient Nurse Practitioner:

  • Jennifer Reese, CNP

Pre-Transplant Coordinators:

  • Deanna Hartman, RN, BSN
  • Michelle Miluk, RN, BSN
  • Janna Mutum, RN, BSN

Pre TXP Program Assistant:

  • Laura Holmes

Post-Transplant Coordinators:

  • Karen Kiefer, CNP
  • David Pelegrin, RN
  • Alexandria Dillard, CNP
  • Monica Gervais, CNP
  • Jacqueline Iammarino, CNP

Post TXP Program Assistant:

  • Crystal Kawazynski

Social Work:

  • Kay Kendall, MSW, LISW


  • Kathy Hoercher, RN, Director, Research & Operations, Kaufman Center

Mechanical Circulatory Support Team:

  • Manager: Tiffany Buda, BSN, RN
  • Assistant Nurse Manager: Kristin Ludrosky, RN BSN, CCTC
  • Brian Loveland, ACNP
  • Marjorie Urban, ACNP
  • Kimberly Miracle, ACNP
  • Chad Gady, PAC
  • Melissa Williams, CNP
  • Sheryl Hostutler, RN, BSN
  • Susie Rasporic-Hopper, RN, BSN