We are a large center heart transplant program with exceptional outcomes and over 50 years of experience. Our dedicated multi-disciplinary team is why we are so successful.

Program Highlights

  • The first official heart transplant at Cleveland Clinic was performed in 1968.
  • Regular heart transplantation services at Cleveland Clinic began in 1984 ─ 2019 marked the 35th anniversary of these services.
  • Cleveland Clinic surgeons have performed more than 2,000 heart transplants in addition to multi-organ transplants such as heart/liver, heart/lung and heart/kidney transplants.
  • Cleveland Clinic was the third center in the United States to perform more than 2,000 heart transplants.
  • In 2021, we performed 59 heart transplants and 1 heart/lung transplant.

Why Choose Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic is nationally ranked and globally recognized as the world leader in cardiovascular care. What does that mean to you? As a patient of Cleveland Clinic, you’ll have access to a broad range of solutions from skilled, experienced doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. Cleveland Clinic heart transplant patients may also be offered newer therapies through clinical trials for heart failure run by the George M. and Linda H. Kaufman Center for Heart Failure Treatment and Recovery. This allows us to provide the right care for the patient at the right time.

We are a member of the Ohio Solid Organ Transplant Consortium (OSOTC) and the United Network For Organ Sharing (UNOS), meeting all requirements for heart transplant programs.

Traveling from outside of Cleveland? Cleveland Clinic’s Medical Concierge team can offer guidance for patients and families from outside of the area or outside of the country.

Heart Transplant Outcomes

Patients who have a heart transplant at Cleveland Clinic have excellent results. Our 1-year and 3-year patient survival rates are similar to or better than the expected rates in the national heart transplant outcomes.

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For More Information
Please contact the pre-transplant office about heart transplantation:
Phone: 216.444.8351
Toll-free: 800.223.2273 ext. 48351