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At Cleveland Clinic's Transplant Center, world-class experts perform a variety of adult and pediatric transplantation procedures. Each year, thousands of lives are saved and transformed because of our innovative transplant expertise. Combining quality, excellence and the top transplant physicians and specialists nationally at our Ohio and Florida locations, and Internationally in Abu Dhabi. We are proud to be a leader in organ transplantation and proud to serve our patients. We offer one of the most comprehensive transplant programs in the world and perform a variety of transplantations.

The Center is led by Director of Enterprise Transplantation, Charles Miller, MD. In 2021, Cleveland Clinic's Transplant Center staff completed a record number 1,039 transplants (including living donor transplantation for kidney and liver) for the Center across our enterprise locations. Cleveland Clinic's liver and intestinal transplant programs are also now the largest programs in the U.S. for their respective organs.

2021 Transplant Volumes by Location

Totals include Adult and Pediatric volumes

Ohio  Florida Abu Dhabi   Total 
Kidney  301   156      55  512
Kidney/Pancreas      5      5
Heart    60     43        3  106
Lung    96    96
Liver  210     28      46  284
Pancreas    14      5    19
Intestine    17    17

 703    227     109 1039 

2021 Living Donor Transplants Completed (Ohio)

Living Donor Kidneys: 58

Living Donor Livers: 33 (all performed laparoscopically)