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Respiratory Exchange Podcast

Respiratory Exchange

A Cleveland Clinic podcast exploring timely and timeless clinical and leadership topics in the disciplines of pulmonary medicine, critical care medicine, allergy/immunology, infectious disease and related areas.
Hosted by Raed Dweik, MD, MBA, Chair of the Respiratory Institute at Cleveland Clinic.
Hannah Wang, MD and Christopher Attaway, MD

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Detection of Respiratory Viruses for the Clinician

Dr. Hannah Wang and Dr. Christopher Attaway will explore emerging RSV testing as it pertains to understanding the capabilities and limitations of different diagnostic tests.

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All Respiratory Exchange Episodes

All Respiratory Exchange Episodes

March 19, 2024

Immunotherapy-Caused Pneumonitis: Identification and Treatment

Immune checkpoint inhibitors have revolutionized the management of many cancers. However, adverse events and side effects on various organs, including pneumonitis in the lungs, can be caused by these therapies. This episode of Respiratory Exchange Podcast covers patient or therapy side effect risk factors, using tools such as CT scans and bronchoscopy to assist in diagnosis through exclusion and the use of steroid and non-steroids as treatment.

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March 12, 2024

RSV Vaccination for Older Adults

Welcome to a special series by Respiratory Exchange Addressing the Impact of RSV and Vaccine Hesitancy. In this series, we explore the efficacy of RSV vaccines and discuss preventive strategies aimed at reducing the occurrence of severe RSV respiratory illness in infants, children and older adults. This episode will focus on the RSV Vaccination for Older Adults, and the importance of vaccination in preventing severe illness and hospitalization. Dr. Ronan Factora explains the risks and the benefits of the RSV vaccine while emphasizing the potential consequences of hospitalization including the loss of independence.

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February 12, 2024

RSV and Vaccine Hesitancy: Projected Public Health Threat From Current and Emerging Respiratory Viruses

Dr. Michaela Gack explains her research on emerging respiratory viruses and vector-borne pathogens. She discusses the recent advancements in RSV vaccine development while addressing the challenges in RSV epidemiology, vaccination strategies and the importance of education, messaging, and novel approaches in antiviral treatment.

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February 6, 2024

2024 SCCM Critical Care Congress Highlights

Dr. Siddarth Dugar talks with Congress Co-chair Roshni Sreedharan, MD and Cleveland Clinic Director of Translational Critical Care Research, Vidula Vachharajani, MD about the 2024 SCCM Congress. They discuss interesting sessions such as: identifying modifiable treatments on ARDS, typing of Sepsis biomarkers, whether to get a chest X-ray post-central line placement or not and a late-breaker session on a study involving the impact of head elevation during cardiac arrest. They also talk about a popular session on providing effective review of manuscripts whether they're for publication or not and offer tips on submitting proposals for the next SCCM Congress.

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