Where can I find parking at my location?

Parking varies by location (see below) and students are exempt from monthly fees. For questions, please contact Parking Services by phone at 216.444.2255 or by email at parking@ccf.org.

Directions for Parking at Our Locations

Please note: Some locations including, Cleveland Clinic main campus, Avon Hospital, Fairview Hospital, Hillcrest Hospital, and Medina Hospital) have a Parking Directive, and parkers are subject to enforcement.

What is the dress code?

Different schools have different dress codes. We’ll let you know what to wear during onboarding.

What should I bring?

We’ll let you know if you need to bring anything — usually just papers or a packet. Please don’t bring large book bags.

How will I know who my clinical instructor is?

Your instructor will reach out to you with introductions and directions for your first day.

How do I get my ID badge?

We’ll let you know where to pick it up during your online onboarding.

How can I get access to computers and utilities?

After onboarding, we’ll email you an ID number for a Network Account and access to EPIC.

How can I shadow or do an observation?

You’ll work with your faculty instructor to plan a unit observation with the Office of Nursing Education.

Is there a social media policy?

Yes. We’ll let know about the specifics of the policy during onboarding.

How can I set up a Practicum or Clinical experience?

Undergraduate Students who need a preceptor should contact their school’s clinical coordinator. Schools interested in submitting a request can email undergraduatenursing@ccf.org for more information.

The Stanley Shalom Zielony Institute for Nursing Excellence is committed to providing an exceptional educational experience for nurses seeking an advanced degree. To accommodate the growing volume of placement requests, while continuing to provide a positive experience for graduate nursing students and preceptors, Cleveland Clinic has created a central application process. Students interested in completing a rotation need to complete the Graduate Nursing Preceptor Placement Application.